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  1. Managarmr are being despawned (deleted) while a player is riding them, for no apparent reason: Deleting the mount, the player, and anything carried by either, and slowly bringing up a respawn screen after a momentary pause. I have to link someone else's video here to explain this. As I'm not sure it'd seem credible without a live video showing it happen. Video link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/350247640?t=00h00m10s Link embed was not working, so I've kept it as a link instead. ---The only commonality I can find is that every time this occurs, the player's last input is to attempt to jump. There is a short pause where you can't control the managarmr, and if you try to jump, that jump is the last sound you hear before being shown a respawn screen and you and the dino vanish into thin air. Further context and notes: *This was yesterday as it happened to a friend. I assumed it to be lag and a "one in a million" bug. Today, just now, it just happened to me as well, on a system with far more stable performance running Ark, on a Vanilla server network that has been live since week 1 of Ark's Early Access release, and arguably one of the largest unofficial vanilla networks out there (Twisted Network) so stability there can be estimated by their tack record for 3+ years. I was in midair flying southeast of the volcano on the Island. Had initially assumed collision was the issue when it happened to Bitcoin. However, being in midair when it just occurred to me, I now know that may not be the correct cause of the deletion (or perhaps not the only cause.) Admin is not deleting them. I can provide quite extensive proof of that (if you have enough time to pour over a much longer series of uninterrupted footage.) For now, i'll assume you'll take my word that these ridden despawns are a natural occurrence, and if you want the interrupted video, I'll provide that if asked.
  2. I had a very slow fight with a lot of slow Ankylos. Started a new server. Buddy stole the egg, I looted his body. Guess the devs patched that one because I spent the next 10 minutes running my low level legs to exhaustion as I picked at trees and rocks making arrows in the most not-high-speed chase ever so I could finish shooting the whole herd for free hide. Ah, to be a noob again.
  3. I will order this list alphabetically, then by category (Flying, Swimming, Land) to simplify. I will list a strikethrough on any tame I feel does not need more love, to show I have thought of it and feel it is balanced as-is, or on any jokes that are not actual suggestions. My intent is explicitly focused on making dinos that are frequently unused regain their reasons to be taken out of the stables. Dinos who are already commonly used, but who need tweaks, I will not be focusing on much. ==FLYING CREATURES== 1- Archaeopteryx: - Add ability to rest on shoulder, freeing up use of hands. (Possibly use "grab" keybind as toggle for it's glide ability.) 2- Argentavis (Noted WC has intent to add TLC already): - As carrion eaters, increased rates of spoiled meat gather(similarly to vulture). (Reason: They are known for consistent aggro on dead creatures to exclusion of living, concern of "swoop" placing too similarly to Griffin.) 3- Dimorphodon: 4- Griffin: 5- Ichtyornis: 6- Lymantria: - Ability to "polinate" crops for growth speed buff with "sprinkle fart" (I don't what else to call it). Moth is hardly used, even for it's ability to slow creatures. Utility would help. 7- Onyc: 8- Pheonix: 9- Pelagornis: -Ability to transport small tamed water creatures, similarly to Aberration's "Fish Basket." 10- Pteranodon: 11- Quetzal: 12- Tapejara: 13: Vulture: 14: Wyvern: ==SWIMMING CREATURES== 15: Ammonite: 16: Angler: - Tamed melee stat effects light emission range (similarly to Charge Light creatures) 17: Basilisaurus: 18: Cnidaria: -My girlfriend is begging me to ask "make them tameable." "I want pretty underwater sparkly lights." (Maybe make them passive/unable to attack and produce bio toxin like Beetles do oil so I don't wind up single??) - In all seriousness: Tameable but cannot be ordered to attack. Produces bio toxin passively on wander. Shocks only when attacked or inventory opened: Hazard Suit protects from shock. 19: Coelecanth: -Globally reduce spawn rates. 20: Diplocaulus: - Carryable on land (similar to dodo, uses both hands.) 21: Dunkleosteus: 22: Electrophorus: -Enable "AI special attacks" with shock, capable of friendly fire (for balancing risk/reward to not be OP.) 23: Ichtyosaurus: -Ability to drag rider to surface for air/safe distance if rendered unconscious while riding (similar to real life dolphins.) (Does not apply unless ridden when knocked unconscious.) 24: Leedsichthys: 25: Liopleurodon: 26: Manta: 27: Megalodon - Bloodlust ability (similar to Direwolves new TLC passive)- Notifies you of nearby creatures below 50% health (Sharks smell blood a mile away, or something like that.) 28: Mosasaurus: - Tek saddle includes a rudder (I kid, but seriously.. Love this dino, but that turn radius.) 29: Pirahna: 30: Plesiosaur (Already has TLC incoming): 31: Sabertooth Salmon: 32: Trilobite: -Disable anti-gravity traction control. 33: Tusoteuthis: - Ink makes wild creatures temporarily passive (to effectively make it the same as wilds' ink, which blinds you.) ==LAND CREATURES== 34: Achatina: 35: Allosaurus: 36: Ankylosaurus: 37: Araneo: - Ability to climb like Rock Drakes. - Web functions as ffull-stop "bola" on shoulder-sized creatures (things humans can carry.) 38: Arthropluera: 39: Baryonyx: 40: Beelzebufo: 41: Brontosaurus: 42: Carbonemys: - Ability to withdraw into it's shell when set to passive and low health (similarly to Doedicurus roll up.) *They're not as used since turret changes, so this feels balanced to me. 43: Carnotaurus: - Increased knockback from headbutts. 44: Casteroides: 45: Chalicotherium: 46: Compy: - Ability to latch onto dinos inflicting damage over time: Rider must dismount and attack them directly to break them free. (they are too weak, and even a fist knocks them back.) 47: Daeodon: 48: Dilophosaur: 49: Dimetrodon: 50: Diplodocus: 51: Direbear (Already has TLC): 52: Direwolf (Already has TLC: 53: Dodo: Ability to make Nest, provides very small insulation buff. (Can have a million nests for a significant buff.) *Requires mateboost. 54: Doedicurus: 55: Dung Beetle: 56: Equus: 57: Gallimimus: 58: Giant Bee: 59: Giganotosaurus: 60: Gigantopithecus (already has TLC): 61: Hesperornis: 62: Hyaenodon: 63: Iguanodon: 64: Jerboa: -More weather notification abilities for non-SE events (Quakes in Aberration, cold snaps on the island, etc.) 65: Kairuku: - Hypothermmic Incubation passive (similar to dimetrodon, stronger, but only hypo, not hyper.) 66: Kaprosuchus: 67: Kentrosaurus: 68: Lystrosaurus: - Ability to follow specific dinos without without requiring a player to ride it (as in, make it follow your dung beetles or dodos.) 69: Mammoth: - Hypothermic insulation buff when ridden (non-AoE.) Similar to Basilosaurus. 70: Mantis: -Ability to wield chainsaws (even if they don't work, to terrorize everyone I cross by silhouette alone.) 71: Megalania: 72: Megaloceros (Female TLC already underway): - Males: Ability to wander gather thatch from trees by antler rubbing. 73: Megalosaurus: 74: Megatherium: 75: Mesopithecus: 76: Microraptor: 77: Morellatops: 78: Moschops: 79: Otter: - Did anyone else notice these things WRECK karkinos?? OP, no changes needed. 80: Oviraptor: 81: Ovis: 82: Pachycephylosaurus: - Headbutt charge makes it immune to knockback for the duration of the charge. (They are relatively weak, this would allow "pass through jousting" as well it can be used as means of escape when being knockedback locked.) 83: Pachyrhinosaurus: 84: Paraceratherium: 85: Parasaur: - Drastically increased swim speed. Makes it a more viable starter mount, it has a fin doesn't it? (Makes it match the dossier, as well.) 86: Pegomastyx: 87: Phiomia: - As it has been outpaced by roll rats, it could use a unique ability to make it worth having again: - Pigs root around in the dirt for mushrooms IRL. Ability to produce rare mushrooms on wander would set them apart slightly from Roll Rats. 88: Procoptodon (Already has TLC): 89: Pulminoscorpius: - Ability to carry smaller creatures (like a crab, limited to about what humans can carry.) - Ability to "Milk" the scorpion for narcotics. Requires carrying Glass Jars. Rewards multiples per jar. 90: Purlovia: 91: Raptor (Has TLC): 92: Rex (Has TLC): 93: Rock Elemental: - Fall damage AoE. Since they get glitched in air often, this could serve as a counter to encouraging that. The longer they're in the air, the more damage they "emit" (kind of like spikes/arhtros emit damage in a radius) upon landing. Makes drop bearing a golem a very viable strategy, and discourages glitching under their feet at the same time. 94: Sabertooth: - Once the king of hide gathering, they are all but forgotten now (and don't even produce kibble.) So I have several suggestions for revival: - Ability to "mark" territory, reducing aggression ranges of creatures inside the radius, but increasing aggression of other cats. More sabers=large marked area. Toggleable via radial menu ("Golden" Option.) - Ability to gather thatch (scratching posts.) 95: Sarco: - "Lying in Wait." Rests with mouth open, first hit inflicts significantly more damage than hits that follow. Like IRL. 96: Spinosaurus: 97: Stegosaurus (Already has TLC): - Make it a 2 seater, placing riders more directly behind plates. - Attacks that hit the tail inflict thorns damage. 98: Terror Bird: 99: Therizinosaurus: 100: Thorny Dragon: 101: Thylacoleo: 102: Titanboa: -Harder to tame than the much superior basilisk, and more expensive to feed, so I feel there is a need for a significant mechanical buff once tamed. Thus the following: - "Coil" ability to hold humanoid sized prey, only once tamed. Becomes immobile, makes held creature passive and shielded from damage until released or titanboa holding is killed. Good for "holding" tames when nowhere to put them or trying to protect them short term in hostile locations while you run for ammo/etc. ---Example:You find a wild sheep. You have your titanboa coil around it, keeping both immobile. Now anything that wants to kill the sheep will first have to kill the boa: This may allow you time to run home and get cakes. But you may lose the boa, too! - Ability to wander gather eggs (such as the oviraptor was expected to have.) Will eat them if none in food troughs, otherwise can collect from it's inventory. Adds risk/reward, as if you forget to feed it, you may lose even a fertilized egg it picked up. 103: Titanosaur: 104: Triceratops: 105: Troodon 106: Wooly Rhino: 107: Yutyrannus: ==SPECIALS== 108: Unicorn: -A neat trophy dino, but mechanically identical to Equus. Ability to heal nearby dinos (similar to Species Z) by emitting charge (thus consuming some some stat or another). This was an honorable mention by my girlfriend. And while cute, it actually does incentive pursuing that rare (unique, if not transfferred) tamed for mechanical reasons. --Edit to include unicorn, which I had not considered until afterwards. --Edit 2: Sorry. I did not realize my post had been merged when making a new thread from it. I thought I had mistakenly posted it in the wrong section, as it took a while to type it out and I couldn't remember if I posted as reply or new thread. Didn't intend to override, just thought I had posted in the wrong spot.
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