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  1. I normally would not link dump, bit given the amount of formatting and html I would have to retype, I'm going to link to the original article I wrote over on Steemit. As I really don't think I can retype and reformat this whole story over again. This is the story of ascension. The way it was intended. This is what many are missing. And what we intend to help them live through us: https://steemit.com/dlive/@tenk.trickpony/path-to-ascension-an-ark-journey-the-way-it-was-intended With well over 50 hours already streamed of the series, I wanted to make an article to praise the amazing game that gave us this journey.
  2. TheyCallMeGunny

    Building Additions

    Quoting: "I would also love to see a tek water generator. By this I mean something that produces water over time without needing to be attached to a water source. Given the fact ark has teleportation technology, this doesnt seem to out of line. This could also be accomplished by a “tek bore” and tek pipes that can pull water directly from the ground utilizing electricity or otherwise. Perhaps an element cost to run it. " I'd like to make a distinction: You can passively gather water on Aberration with only water reservoirs. However, this is Aberration specific, and is a gradual process requiring a huge array for anyone intending to use water frequently. As such, not a bad idea. The bore is the most immersion friendly idea you've given. It's basically a well, and while that shouldn't be restricted to tek, from a gameplay perspective, it makes sense.
  3. TheyCallMeGunny

    Relog, Fall Through Map

    Still falling through the map on relogs. A few notes: 1- Server restarts drastically increase the chance of this occuring to a near 100% chance. 2- Load times impact likelihood: Those who load in faster, see more common occurance (SSD users will fall through more than HDD users.) 3- Frequency varies by location on map. Fertile region sees the highest frequency of occurrence. 4- Can be offset by logging out on top of a non-snappable object with rigid collision, such as a food trough. However, being on foundations or ceilings will not decrease likelihood to any measurable degree, nor will any other 'snappable" entity. 5- Can be game-breaking, as any gear becomes irretrievable. Can also lead to falling into irradiated zones, aborting Reaper gestations if not fully dressed in hazmat when logged out, disconnected, or server down.
  4. TheyCallMeGunny

    The Biggest Hinderance To Referring New Players

    In case those of you reading this don't consider this to be an issue, I'd like to recall a few past events: July of 2017, when a change to the Game.ini's possible values caused every server's Game.ini to wipe, globally. Without advance warning, this led to most servers being down for an extended period if they had not made remote backups since the last config change. Studio Wildcard released a PR statement apologizing for it, and promising to not nuke user configs in further updates. Nearly every holiday event to date, when configuration changes are often outright disabled via Game.ini, unless the server admin knew how to opt out of holiday updates that were often distributed automatically, dependant upon service provider or the owner's practices of updating. Again, leading not only to resets of Game.ini, but worse, to an inability to add custom values at all. Any new update, where a config option is discussed on forums. While it may be noted in patchlogs, it is often not immediately noted. Leading to forum discussions of people telling what they heard, where their advice is grapevine and rarely correct. This present the scenario where an admin wants to give his playerbase a newly announced feature, but finds that until patchlogs are edited a week later, he will not be able to apply the proper configuration change. That last part also goes for any new undocumented feature. Often, the commandline value is spread around forums as a GUS value, and the clarification isn't noted in patchlogs until a few days after the update releases. All in all, it just turns into a mess not only at the initial setup stage, but at every new feature release or holiday event. A game whose configuration is otherwise simple enough for any casual user to understand and implement via basic ini values, becomes a part time job to maintain on a server. And that's turned more people away, in my personal experience at least, than anything else. it has also been the key point to where myself and my core social groups around the game have burnt out time and again, taking breaks due to an unwillingness to spend hours updating the server we just spent hours updating 2 days before. Where if the configuration and reference were unified, it would be a much smoother experience.
  5. I have been playing Ark since it's Early Access Launch. I also built my former stream on the game, generating over 11,000 followers from playing it in front of people. And I have one recommendation that comes from a lot of time spent trying to refer new players, on what would INSTANTLY turn them away from wanting to play the game despite interest up to that point. I also feel that I need context, so I will add it: The Problem: Ark server configuration is messy, decentralized, and inconsistent. The Context: You may think that new players have no interest in server configuration. However, read Steam reviews. For a game that I absolutely adore, there is a large degree of public hate. And most of the criticism given by players comes from a common source: Official Servers. People just don't enjoy the experiences they have on them when all is said and done. So when I give my recommendation to play such an amazing game, it comes with a caviat: Find a community, or bring friends and make your own server. However, whether they make their own server, or I configure one for them, one thing arises nearly every time: Ark's server configuration uses two files. Not really an issue. But values that are seemingly the same, go into one file, with a completely random system deciding what goes where. Example: Want to boost rates? Taming goes in GameUserSettings.ini but if you place breeding rates there, it won't work, go to Game.ini. Then of course, there is the lack of centralized reference material for the values themselves. Example: You want to make a Titanosaur tameable? Okay, it's somewhere on forums, either on steam or the website. Google might help, but of course you'll find the 3 top results give a different answer. One says it's command line, one says it's game.ini and another says to add a b to the beginning of the argument. And of course, commandline versus the dual configs. Which many players to this day don't know how to access. The logical system of seperating what goes there, from what goes in the other files, and telling people "sorry, your service provider doesn't allow access to this, so you can't change those settings" is just compounding a problem onto a lot of already compounded compound problems. Truth is.. I have seen the light burn out of the eyes of so many excited people over this mess, and have myself been subjected to more burnout over personalizing a server than from anything the game itself has thrown at me. If you could take the time to modify the way the calls are made, and centralize both the configuration file dependancies, as well as the reference material... I'm willing to bet you'd see a drastic decline in the guys with sub-50 hours giving the game a negative rating, and more people excited about playing it. And I say this from a lot of experience seeing both.
  6. TheyCallMeGunny

    video 🕙 4K Time Lapse of Scorched Earth Scenery

    cheat slomo 10. "presses record." If you want to make waves, put a bit more effort into it. You have the hardware to post videos of a visual quality most cannot. That much is apparent. So use it do something that will make people want to play ark. An old friend of mine recently told me WHY he quit hosting servers and tagged along with me since September of 2016. Want to know what he said? "It was the way you made clay. You showed me there is always something to expand upon." Think about that for a second. Making clay. Such a simple thing, taken for granted and glanced over in a second's passing. But even that can be done in a way that can inspire that flicker of adventure or the inner tinker in others. There is always a way to light a fire under someone's behind: You have the opportunity to provide those ideas with practically unrivalled visual fidelity. So take some time and think about what you can show that would make a bored player comeback at full steam. Essentially, just find your own unique way of looking at Ark, one that is specific to you and your perception, and share it with someone. You'd be surprised the effect that can have on others.
  7. TheyCallMeGunny

    video Got a question?

    Radiant, while I could at one time relate to your approach, I have some advice for you: Avoid the "how to" or "tutorial" route. This is going to sound a bit blunt, but bear with me: Look up the top listed "how to" videos on a topic you wish to help people learn. Take note of what is said in the video. From taming the newer Ubers (Basilisk/Reaper) to something as simple as how to get a fast start as a new player: They're all the farthest thing from useful information. I don't know how to put it without offending the people who post them, but the top rated guides in Ark are generally the worst ways to do something, and are popular due to branding rather than their actual viability. If I may take a line that a member of my team wrote recently to explain why we started on a new channel in a new direction, as we now do building videos to inspire creativity, rather than try to teach it: In the event that it isn't self evident, the point made in that video is that there is a trend of dumbing things down to the lowest common denominator, and it is the most popular trend of the Ark community in media format. So I switched from teaching the most advanced builds ever done in ark by anyone, to just doing them without the teaching part so that people might just get inspired and create something of their own, instead of building the exact same thing over and again they may learn to use the parts they SAW by being interested enough to find the WILL to learn. And things are feeling a lot better for me now (and working better, too): Because I stopped doing what doesn't work. People don't want to learn Ark, and if you're looking to teach you will find a very small audience awaits you, contrary to what people may say about themselves. You'll find more gratification in making them WANT to learn. Do something crazy and just stop telling them how you did it every 5 seconds: Take the definition of "possible" and throw it out the window. Because the best way to teach someone something, is to give them their own desire to learn it: not train them to snap objects step by step so that all they ever do is that again and again, or tell them how you prefer to tame a specific dino so that they always approach it the same exact way even when context dictates that a usually good approach is suddenly a bad one, lacking flexibility or ingenuity. if you actually have something inspiring to show the world, don't take questions: Make statements. I used to do what you do. It isn't gratifying. It is demeaning. And hopefully, I can help you realize that there are far more gratifying and rewarding routes than being errand boy to people who, had they wished to learn what you have to tell, probably would have had the motivation to learn it themselves just as you did before them. Find something never done before, use that as your proving grounds. Not a Q&A where the first viewer to respond asks "how many flowers does it take to tame a giga?" because he isn't there to learn anything but just to see how far gillible you'll be in responding to him and taking the time to try and teach him for his amusement. TLDR: If they wanted to learn, they'd do the same as the rest of us and find out from their own desire to learn. Save yourself the trouble and do something uniquely you.
  8. This one speaks for itself, but description below the video nonetheless: The Arkitekt's Workshop- Episode 3- The Crumbling Ruins of Atlantis If you enjoy our content, be sure to subscribe and share it so we can continue to grow and inspire! This time, we spent 2 days building, because we wanted to show you something like you've never seen before. Welcome to the world of possibilities! Once again, we took your feedback into account and brightened things up a bit for easier viewing. We also decided on a 2-pass approach with the hook at the beginning, and a slower second pass to give appreciation for the details. We cut the credits entirely, opting instead to utilize some animations to mix them mid-video. We'd like to give another huge shout out to Ross Budgen - Music for use of his amazing scores. We'd hardly have inspiration to edit without this man: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQ Tracks we used: Beyond, Dragon Slayer, Run, Reverie, Fall. And as always, a huge thanks to the modders who make this possible! This Episode was made possible by Structures Plus: We are excited to inform you that with S+, yes.. You can build sideways!. Hop on over to the Structures Plus workshop page and try it yourself! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=731604991 Of course, I can't forget ExileAcid and Eco in here: Their mods were also a massive contribution and this wouldn't be possible without them either. But we all know the crumbled tower being on its side in the first pan is what got you to skip back and look twice. And that building technique is only possible with S+: I will have a video posted shortly about how to do it. And a special thanks to ItsWebby for joining us as the newest member of our team. Go ahead and check him out over on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/itswebby Love you guys, and see you in the next episode! PS- Once again, we finished well ahead of schedule. Total time elapsed between the release of episode 2 and the completion of Episode 3 was 3 days. While we're glad to have shown these kind of speed mega builds are not only possible, but repeatable, I must again warn that we may not always have the time to crunch episodes this quickly. It is a lot of work, and we have done our best to push this quality as quickly as possible. If you appreciate what we do and would like to participate, head on over to Patreon to check us out. We'll be using that platform as a means of showing what specific builds are possible by allowing you guys to have input on our future episodes. https://www.patreon.com/Arkitekt ----------------- Structures Plus will be updating soon to make this mechanic intentional, and when it does, we will post a video on how to do it. A big thank you to Orionsun for deciding not to "fix" this bug but instead make it into a configuration option!
  9. The Architect's Workshop- Episode 2- The Hidden Gardens If you enjoy our content, be sure to share it so we can continue to grow and inspire! For our second episode, we took a complete 180 and decided to showcase light and creative architecture supplementing a much heavier landscaping approach, in order to contrast our last build's dark and ominous atmosphere. We're anything but one trick ponies We took your feedback into deep consideration, and made this episode longer in order to allow more time to appreciate the details. We also left you a personal message from Blue herself (you finally get to hear her lovely narrator's voice) about where we are taking this channel now that we are a full team and no longer just an individual. And as always, a huge thanks to the modders who make this possible! Despite our light usage of Eco's materials last episode, we practically built this episode on her legacy. We also heavily utilized Orionsun's S+ and Platforms Plus, and incorporated Exile Acid's Castles, Keeps and Forts Medieval Architecture for accents and thematic design. Love you guys, and see you in the next episode! PS- We finished this episode 2 days after publishing the first. Much as I'd love to promise we can keep that schedule, we will be promising one episode every week. If we are able to do more, we will. But that interval we are at least confident we can continue to deliver long term.
  10. TheyCallMeGunny

    video Cathedral of the Impending Dawn- Build Showcase Trailer

    Thanks man. We have a discord with group building assistance for our new channel direction if you'd like to join. Make sure to give the "Roles" channel a read, as it will help you understand how we go about helping everyone make the best of their own builds! https://discord.gg/s63qwPB If you see a role that calls to you, let us know in the Common Grounds and we can get you assigned.
  11. Hey guys, posted our first build as a new channel. Thought you'd like to check it out (It's like no build you've ever seen.) Been doing this for a while, ffigured it was time to start sharing it more):
  12. TheyCallMeGunny

    Is PvE better? Does it get boring fast?

    I can tell you've probably got a few thousand hours So true.
  13. TheyCallMeGunny

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    I had a very slow fight with a lot of slow Ankylos. Started a new server. Buddy stole the egg, I looted his body. Guess the devs patched that one because I spent the next 10 minutes running my low level legs to exhaustion as I picked at trees and rocks making arrows in the most not-high-speed chase ever so I could finish shooting the whole herd for free hide. Ah, to be a noob again.
  14. TheyCallMeGunny

    Is PvE better? Does it get boring fast?

    I just passed my 4,000 hour mark earlier today. And I have had several moments of wondering if I'd like to go back to PvP over the years (the reverse of your situation.) I started on PvP. Official servers, on the day after Ark was first released. I started with 4 friends, who had quit within 2 weeks, and continued on with a small tribe of 3. We became unofficial alpha, as not many people played back then and many were just new guys rolling in for their first log in ever as the weeks rolled past. I stayed for 880 hours. One thing I learned, that has resurfaced each time I have returned, is that PvP is actually less competitive than PvE. I hear that a lot. "I play PvP because it is competitive." Well, in a 'grand scheme' way of looking at it, yes it is. But in a manner of competing via personal skill or resourcefulness, not in the slightest. It's either numbers, or lag, or who joined the server first. So, I've spent 3,000 of my 4,000 hours on PvE. And I've been a bit of an elitist nonetheless. In fact, I have found PvE more rewarding not only due to the ability to CHOOSE how I want to play that day, but also because it does allow me to demonstrate skill as an individual player. Let me use a specific example: - The day Gigas came out, I was hopping between a PvP server and a PvE one. On the PvP server, we had 4 guys go out and take it down. It was routine, boring and tamed mostly because "we can't let others get them first." On the PvE one, I went out on my own because I wanted to see if I could solo the hunt. When I brought it down, a guy from another tribe flew over and started talking about how he was hoping to be the server first. Being that it wasn't PvP, he didn't shoot my tame or troll me. We passed jokes and quips back and forth, I gave him some hint of how fast its torpor was bottoming out, and he went on his merry way. It was fun. it was a game. And if you're curious whether or not PvE can be competitive, just search the various crazy things us players have done. I have my last server backed up, and if you saw that cathedral I had been working on.. The main chamber is 48 sides with fluted columns and holds a carpet made of basilisk tails down the center towards the front balcony. Snap points were always harder than taming anyways. You want a challenge, then in my personal experience.. The hardest and most satisfying challenge has been to choose a goal you cannot complete, and then complete it. PvE gives you that, everyday. The option to say "I'm going to have a golem tomorrow" on the day you join a vanilla rates server.. And you know you have NO CLUE how to do it. but then the second day rolls around, and you bag 3 at once. --Edit: So, right now, at 4,000 hours, I am admittedly somewhat burned out. however, I am still playing full-time. Even back to streaming it. And there is one reason why: As others have said, goals are important. PvP forces goals on you, like my giga example: We had to tame it. On PvE, there is no need for it unless you have a goal and that giga is a part of that goal. This time, I have set myself the ultimate goal: Beat Ark. 100%. Every tame. Every dossier. Every breed. Every boss. Every Ascencion. Start on the Island. Then SE. And while I'm at it, bring my much newer friends along on the ride, forcing them to complete the same to ascend from one Ark to the next. Setting a goal with a bar that excessively high is easy. Completing it, however.. Will require me to make small goal after small goal. I'm on day 2 right now, I have 3 goals I need to complete at once: I need a wood and stone getter, I have egg layers but need a farm (am wrapping that up as I speak) and I want to stake my claim on the northwest corner of Whitesky peak, as even if I'm going to freeze a lot, I want that spot for resources. And that one really crazy goal is going to keep giving me new sub-goals to keep me active. As an addition, I chose to add one side-goal to my main one: I have to do one major build in each main biome before I can ascend off each Ark. That means I need to do almost 10 build showcases before I can leave the Island alone. Most PvE goals might not be quite that crazy... But my point here is: Set a goal higher than you actually feel comfortable achieving. Because that giant goal just becomes a lot of little ones back to back, and keeps you logging in everyday.
  15. Welcome to Filthy Casuals! We are an Ark server that is best explained as an "Ark story challenge." Before I continue in my explanation of what our server is about, I would like to say that we welcome friendly PvE competition of other tribes in a race to the end of all Arks! Filthy Casuals is a series constructed by Blue, Ryan and Gunny. In this series, we will be focusing on a completionist approach to Ark. Starting on the Island, and progressing through each Story Ark only as we reach 100% completion of all possible tames, breeds, bosses, Ascensions and explorer notes on my livestream. I, Gunny, Will be required to have completed everything before we can continue. Others in my tribe will be required to participate in each Alpha boss kill at least once, as well as in the actual Alpha ascension, and they must survive for it to apply. As with other tribes, the tribe leader will be the one required to achieve 100% completion, while all other tribe members must meet the boss and Ascension requirements. We have all vanilla rates (1x.) We have 3 mods: Structures Plus (by Orionsun), Platforms Plus (by Orionsun) and Castles, Keeps and Forts Medieval Architecture (by ExileAcid.) We will each be capable of learning all engrams, but will have all automated engrams in S+ disabled (such as the item collector or hatchery) as well as any non-siege weaponry from CKF. We are in no rush to achieve full completion, as this series is intended to run until the release of Ark: Extinction, so that we can time our completion of the final maps (we may include non-story Arks if Extinction is delayed enough) with the release of the final DLC and last story of the Arks. --That description is directly copied from the stream video description. For those who don't understand the challenge, I will now explain more personally what got me interested in this: I am not a completionist by nature. But Ark has been my favorite game for a very long time now. I have 4,000 hours playtime in it even after multiple breaks of several months each where I hit burn out, I just keep coming back. I feel I have done almost everything there was to do in Ark, as I absolutely love the game. I felt that with the release of Aberration, and the glimpse at its' Ascension into the final Ark (I won't spoil it) that it was about time to start a beginning-to-end pursuit of following in the footsteps of the original survivors (the dossier authors.) Our server is currently very small, with only a handful of personal friends playing. If things got more popular, we would see about increasing our population cap to allow more people to participate, and if finances allowed, we would also expand it into a cluster of every Story Ark to allow people to start the same process behind the others if they came late to the party. But for now, we are what we are. As a final note, I will say that our name is sarcastic. My girlfriend and the server host both have under 400 hours played. They just have a deep interest in playing Ark to it's fullest. So please, be aware we're not actually elitists. We're just big fans of Ark. If you'd like to join the server, please click the following link (it is a tinyurl that redirects to a steamlink, as I've found this method of making a connect button is the least blocked steam url across multiple sites) https://tinyurl.com/FilthyCasualsArk (The name of the server displays as Ryan's Meat House in-game, i'll get that changed soon enough.) Just be sure to say hi when you join! If you want to see who currently plays, you can just search my name on YouTube and watch us grind it out (we are starting slowly, as we just finished configuring the server this morning after starting it yesterday.)