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  1. Managarmr are being despawned (deleted) while a player is riding them, for no apparent reason: Deleting the mount, the player, and anything carried by either, and slowly bringing up a respawn screen after a momentary pause. I have to link someone else's video here to explain this. As I'm not sure it'd seem credible without a live video showing it happen. Video link: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/350247640?t=00h00m10s Link embed was not working, so I've kept it as a link instead. ---The only commonality I can find is that every time this occurs, the player's last inpu
  2. I had a very slow fight with a lot of slow Ankylos. Started a new server. Buddy stole the egg, I looted his body. Guess the devs patched that one because I spent the next 10 minutes running my low level legs to exhaustion as I picked at trees and rocks making arrows in the most not-high-speed chase ever so I could finish shooting the whole herd for free hide. Ah, to be a noob again.
  3. I will order this list alphabetically, then by category (Flying, Swimming, Land) to simplify. I will list a strikethrough on any tame I feel does not need more love, to show I have thought of it and feel it is balanced as-is, or on any jokes that are not actual suggestions. My intent is explicitly focused on making dinos that are frequently unused regain their reasons to be taken out of the stables. Dinos who are already commonly used, but who need tweaks, I will not be focusing on much. ==FLYING CREATURES== 1- Archaeopteryx: - Add ability to rest on shoulder,
  4. So I've done some testing. A LOT actually, and I have a very good handle on how nearly all settings work (Still iffy on Island Curve). I set up a Dedicated Server. I've also streamed the ENTIRE process (though I cut the stream hours ago to DL the ADK.) Here's my screenshot (ignore the mosas, been tweaking spawns. Added all SE characters in, working on eggs. Will get around to that tomorrow. In the meantime, here are 2 pieces of info: A- my stream is under the same twitch name as here if you have questions regarding map generation and how the values influence a seed, or to see the current m
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