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  1. omg aquatic and amphibious breeding finally!!! Babies that can't fall through the map because they are suspended by water ha!
  2. What's in the current update? I only see upcoming beneath it.
  3. How can I program deep sea creatures to swim to the surface? Is there a way to do this ?
  4. New Map and Survival Mode In Progress Is anyone willing to team up to make the ultimate ocean survival map in a pirate based pvp? I am learning as I go but so far I am working on the landscape. It will have vast ocean to explore where your base is on a ship and you can raid other pirates and hold them hostage to find their buried treasure. Tropical islands scattered around the map and more cool things to come. I'd like to have a team of somewhat experienced modders and we can work together to make the next best DLC for Ark if all goes well.
  5. even the creators can't make a tutorial of their own stuff.
  6. BALANCED PVP I would like to request an experimental server similar to the no-tame to be made with these properties. Apply a new rank system in levels that allows survivors to only be able to attack 10 levels within their range, such as 0-9, 10-19, 20-29 ect... This will force players against other survivors with the same experience level. Similar to a matchmaking in an MMO with pvp features. No tribes or alliances allowed. Item crates disabled. Usage of items require having the engrams unlocked similar to tek tier. Offline Raid invulnerability timer 10 hours max. Usage 1 per 24 hours to prevent players from overusing the feature in the middle of a war, if logged back in before the timer is up it will expire until the next available use. This feature will simply turn a base and all its belongings into pve. Weapons and dinos will not function in the area of an offline tribe and dropping carried entities disabled. Dropped items from higher levels cannot be picked up by lower levels Survivors will be able to dominate each rank using pure pvp skill without being wiped my massive tribes or alpha tribes. Add some ideas below if you support this type of PVP mode.
  7. I don't want to post too much here but my questions never get answered anywhere else. This I guess can be considered patch related because there was a secret feature mentioned for console in the patch notes that got removed after the patch was released and I believe this is it. Hosting xbox servers from PC. I am ready to ditch everything I have in my official servers because its just too much time spent for stuff that the devs no longer replace. I would be happy if I could replace them in my own dedicated server. Too many bugs, squids won't let go sometimes, killing off my 50k mosa. Crashing while flying, babys dropping through the ground, rocks spawning over dinos pushing them underground, transferring and getting killed, lost a 100% imprinted giga over it, dinos still spawning in bases. Patch related because most of these bugs are caused by patches. That leads me to this question, does anyone know if there is a plan to run servers from pc? without windows 10 obligations?
  8. There was a warning about the artifacts, Idk where from I think maybe twitter but I was told you can keep them if they are in trophy stands and mine were never removed.
  9. Well fellow survivors... I just figured out the secret surprise. I put 2 and 2 together and came to the conclusion that they will be keeping the breeding and maturation boosts to make up for the constant disappearing of tames and babies. I knew I should have kept my faith in WC . They are always looking out for us! This makes Ark so much more worth playing!!!
  10. Petition to keep the breeding boost to make up for lost dinos!
  11. Such a disadvantage we have in PvE. I wish they had a different solution to trolls in PvE using carriers to drop predators in bases. Like disabling the ability to drop if near or above someone else's foundation?
  12. Is grabbing disabled for squid in PVE? I finally tamed one yesterday after a couple of failed attempts where the squid would not release my mosa. I tried grabbing a turtle and it swam right through to me. Is this feature disabled in PvE like the other tames that carry?
  13. I don't understand what you are saying and whether it has anything to do with the option to unlock your structures
  14. Thanks for your time