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  1. I can use it for something on my map mod I'm working on if they end up fixing it themselves.
  2. In the disappearing tames topic created by Jen in the general section there are reports of it not successfully working.
  3. This was not easy for me since I am still learning how to use the dev kit and Unreal Engine. I was able to create an adjustable volume in which its main function is to relocate anything that falls or glitches beneath the terrain boundaries. Everything you see can be adjusted so it doesn't necessarily have to fall from such a height or distance from the glitch point. This video is just a demonstration on what I've achieved within 3 days of time (I spend most of it looking for help but ended up figuring out on my own). I would be more than happy to provide this information to the devs of Ark and hopefully make it to console.
  4. I created a fix for anything that goes under the map. It will fall from the sky in the area it fell through so it will never disappear. This will also work on players cheating under the map, they will find themselves falling to their death. Animals of course will survive and can be found ON the ground.
  5. So far it only works on players. I can see the center needing it for under the map trolls lol. All I need to do is find out how to make it affect dinos. Not one modder seems to want to help but I am determined.
  6. some of the problems happen from dinos falling through the map. I've been working on a layer to place beneath the surface that teleports anything that falls underground back to the top. I haven't been able to finish it because I can't find any help on a certain thing in the dev kit.
  7. I've been posting in the tutorial section but there is no activity as far as experienced dev kit users helping. I ask youtubers on their comments section and they don't answer. I've looked up tutorials on youtube for what I want to learn but very little cover the dev kit, mostly every youtuber covers the same topic. UE4 tutorials don't cover the specific features created by the dev kit. And I doubt I'd find any in-depth instructions on what every Ark blueprint is used for. If anyone knows who can help, or how I can define every blueprint in the dev kit, please point me to the right direction.
  8. I am working something that I want to effect dinos but it only effects players. what would the node be called if I were to search for it in the graph?
  9. report yourself for blocking spawns, then let them ban you and wipe your base. They can do that for you but not help you get your character and items back. GG
  10. What is The Manta Good For? Why is it so difficult to tame a manta if its so useless and dies so easily? What can a manta do that no animal can? It doesn't produce any special ingredients or any kind of egg for kibble, it dies when it touches air unless its jumping. How would it benefit you after taming? When wild they sometimes travel in packs and form a blockade inside of your squid's static mesh, preventing you from attacking or moving. That is a programming flaw. Water creatures die the instant they hit land inches above water level. Why don't they take damage instead? Why does the creature have to die instantly?
  11. How to prevent Tames and Babys Dsappearing 1. build part of your base over water 2. put your tames in the water so they float (this will prevent them from falling through the ground) (optional) build your entire base over water but make sure the floor is high enough so the tames have air space in case they fall through the floor.
  12. Vulnerable Spot on Squid There is a spot on the squid's head where small predators can attack it and get it stuck without taking any hits from the squid's attack. I've witnessed this on wild and tame squids. Mantas are the worse, they will prevent you from moving and you cannot attack it from any angle. Do not take squids into the underwater cave that has hundreds of angler fish. mine had 30k health and they knocked it down to 15k all because I couldn't hit them, otherwise 1 hit would kill them. I killed a couple of alpha squids by getting stuck in their heads as well. I suggest adding a blocking volume to the squid's head or allow it to push creatures. In fact bigger dinos should be able to push anything smaller.
  13. self deploying parachutes because sometimes it finishes loading as soon as you hit the ground. And make it so if you have a bird on follow, it will also follow your unconscious body.
  14. Rain Drop, drop top... ... Nothing but medium crop plots in red drops!
  15. I feel so overshadowed lol I started making a map recently and everything here just looks overwhelming. I'll never be eligible for this.