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  1. Do you have the problem with the last update? Since 777.1 its hard to join my server. When i'm trying, i get many time "Lost connection from server" at beginning... We are 4 on the server and all the same problem.. :|
  2. I'll do what WC can't do, support ! haha To fix it, just open your Xbox app on win10. Go in Network you should see Nat type: open and conectivity of server : connected. my problem was that I did not have server connectivity. Strangely, have to enable the windows firewall when connectivity is mark blocked. When i have enabled my windows firewall, everything is back to work
  3. Sorry I see you message a little bit late, do you resolve it ?
  4. Fixed. No support at all from WC when you ask them. The answer is on google! ?
  5. Anyone get the problem join failed on crossplaform ?
  6. Hi, i’m hosting a ark server since the day 1 of crossplay. Since some day, I got some problem with stability of connexion from the server but only the reboot of the game is ok for 2-3 days. But now, When I’m trying to join, I see Primalgamedata_BP loading and get error message join failed. Someone have this error too ? thanks best regards mike
  7. someone know if the cross-play will be out at 0:00 on December 19th or in the morning???
  8. does anyone here know that it used time zone when giving us an ETA for updates? for example for tomorrow's crossplay :)
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