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  1. WC isnt delaying it because of the Protests, their doing it because like always they delay in the last 24 hrs & their just using this as an excuse to delay crap yet again because like always they fail to meet any deadline they place. I'm not saying this as a selfish person, im saying this as someone thats played ark since their beta, this isnt about the protests, its about their bad ethic and im pretty sure thats why other people are saying the same stuff. They COULD have delayed this DAYS sooner if it was REALLY about the BLM Movement & the George Floyd Protests. Especially when peopl
  2. yep we have lost about 13 on our server this week alone
  3. and now a lvl 224 cloned crab "could not deplot" deleted. 13 animals in 1 week DILO
  4. i know its stupid. but just lost 2 more dinos. thankfully just lystros. was tossing them out to fill with poop. said cant deploy.... lvl 243 adn 137 come on. this now makes 12 animals in the past week alone
  5. yep i have lost about 10 animals this week alone from the same issue. none were even close to the 451 cap that insta deletes when tossed. they were all around 200-400 in level. lost turtles/manas/megalos/ argy etc. thank god hasnt happened with an imprinted giga yet. but yea its really bad. mine said the same. couldnt deploy, cryo timer sickness running. but no animal. also this is on official pvp servers.
  6. try that first than if doesnt work i would suggest the direct file method
  7. since its direct x files its deleting and not ark your ark stuff should be safe
  8. couldnt log in on ark at all either after the turkey trial events came out. he had to delete all the direct x files on his computer to fix it. fiance recommends you should choose yes when it asks if you want to uninstall all the files related. because otherwise you have to do like he did which is hunt down every last file. no amount of file verifications helped fix it, nor did uninstalling ark and reinstalling help. something about their update BROKE the direct x files for some pc's https://www.instant-uninstall.com/uninstall-directx-11/
  9. killer turkey event used to be the thanksgiving event it should still have colors, afterall raptorclaws christmas event still had color dinos too
  10. you also realize they are a company based in america, and you also realize that if they only fixed poop all the time they will lose players, because the game gets very stale when nothing interesting is happening. instead of complaining about something that doesnt take them much to do considering its really nothing majorly new and didnt really take their time up, just enjoy the poop?
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