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  1. Frogspoison

    Tell your favorite time for an earthquake

    A note on taming Otters - Pick them up with a Krab and put them above ground. Then just drag the fish up and feed them - it makes it poop tons easier to tame otters. On other maps for those interested, use a Kapro to pick up the Otters. Krabs can also be used to easily tame almost ANY other passive tame as well - Moschops, Bigfoots, Dung Beetles, ect. Even centipedes!
  2. Frogspoison

    Fishing rod Aberration

    You are unable to obtain better quality fishing rods on Ab. You have to transfer/cheat it in.
  3. Frogspoison

    Megalanias. Why not?

    Ab Dimorphs DO spawn, but like the spiders, they are insanely rare
  4. Frogspoison

    Wood Dino’s on aberration?

    In terms of capabilities, here is a list of pros/cons, comparing the Roll Rat to Mammoth. Pro - Roll Rats gather wood faster due to having a higher wood efficiency (About 9 wood to 1 thatch per 10 resources, compared to the Mammoths roughly 7 wood to 3 thatch per 10) Roll Rats can carry more wood due to having 80% reduction on wood weight - roughly 7% more wood if the mammoths/rats levels are equal. Roll Rats take VERY little fall damage, even with Aberrations natural fall damage reduction. Roll Rats can have 3 riders. Roll Rats can consume durability on their saddle to go fast. VERY fast. Roll Rats have much better stamina regen then the Mammoth. Roll Rats poop like phiomias. Cons - Roll Rats have HORRIBLE turning capabilities. If anything attacks you from behind, you have to gtfo or dismount entirely to fight it off. Mammoths can attack all around them, and can turn nearly on the spot. Roll Rats have a VERY small bite radius. Mammoths can gather wood in a wide area around them. Roll Rats are terrible swimmers. Mammoths swim decently. Roll Rats have an extremely expensive saddle, that has to be repaired on a regular basis. IMO, this is the worst part of Roll Rats. But yea, Roll Rats are the ONLY wood dino on Aberration. Tame some Achatinas for a steady cementing paste supply, and a dire bear to get the honey for roll rats (Use right-click to get 15 honey per hive. As the hives in Ab like to stack on each other, AND there are hundreds of them, you can get hundreds of honey very quickly, like 5 minutes. Just alternate between right and left click on a stack of hives
  5. Frogspoison

    This Raporting Raptors!

    Umm, what? You ARE aware that Bears have among the highest damage in the game, and if you exclude sea/air creatures, the third highest damage for a land creature, behind the Giga and the Titan? (Yes, with their swipe attack, Bears deal more damage then Rexes and Spinos). Also, note that Alpha Raptors can be taken on with a TRIKE, providing you have the elevation advantage. Yes, that's right, a TRIKE. Finally, it's not the Alpha Raptor itself that's dangerous - It's the pack of raptors it runs with. Ya know, those little things that used to be speed bump, but can now rip you off of any dino providing they got the angle for it? (Creature size only matters so much as how easy it is to get ripped off it. While its extremely unlikely to get ripped off one of the large dinos, I've gotten ripped off Quetzals, Paracers, Rock Drakes, Therizino's, Spinos before.). Raptors by themselves are almost never a threat to virtually any dino - They are just a major annoyance, and a repair bill. It's even more annoying that you can't do anything if they grab you, unlike EVERY single other grabber in the game. Also, did you know that if a raptor grabs you AS it dies, you'll just lay there for 5 seconds with nothing happening? The Raptor pin attack is poorly implemented, period.
  6. Frogspoison

    Fastest way to fill dung beetles with poo?

    Beetles do NOT collect feces on wander, you need a mod for that. A note on Citoak's method - You'll waste fertilizer AND oil with that method - When slot capped, any new items from generation are simply lost. As medium feces give 2 fert and 1 oil, having 300 slots essentially means you are losing 2 of the items per feces. Going with 200 medium feces, however, allows you ample room to not lose any fert or oil.
  7. Frogspoison

    USA only country with. ..

    Wildcard Studios is a US company. Personally, I'm getting tired of all these posters, across the internet as a whole, who complain about US-based companies celebrating US-based holidays. I'm sure that gaming companies based in non-US countries celebrate their non-US holidays too.
  8. Frogspoison

    More Aberration Dinos ??

    I personally think the Kibble tree should be reworked for Aberration dinos only. We have enough dead-end kibbles and dinos that don't have their kibble that it can all be tied together into a new kibble tree unique to Aberration dinos.
  9. Frogspoison

    Imprinting with procoptodon pouch

    I've found whislting BOTH the Baby AND Roo works. Also, hopping on the Roo while it's whistled to follow me, and riding it around ALSO works.
  10. Frogspoison

    More Aberration Dinos ??

    There are no Aberrant Araneos. They have the file for them, but they never added their spawn points.
  11. Frogspoison

    Mammal Breeding

    Personally, I feel that if you have a baby dino near it's mother, regardless of what kingdom it's in, it should share the food stat with it's mother until either the baby hits juvenile, or the mother is ready to mate again. Birds feed their babies, and some species of reptiles/amphibians/fish provide food for their spawn. Insects (Should they ever add insect breeding) are pretty much on their own though.
  12. Frogspoison

    Mammoth TLC

    Devs have shown time and time again that they balance around PvP, NOT PvE. And in PvP, Ptera's are an excellent raiding dino.
  13. Frogspoison

    Rex Stats?

    19 Megatherium, and a Yuty. I have them divided into 5 groups on the Center - Whistle them to attack spider, then cycle them over to the monkey. Solo. Last group stays and kills the spider. EZ
  14. Frogspoison

    Quetzal in dire need of saving.

    Queztal... Has better Stamina then the Argent, AND better Stamina consumption. Has more health/damage then the Argent, although a worse saddle Has twice the carrying capacity of the Argent Has platform saddle. It's ONLY lacking point is that it's roughly 30% slower then the Argent. I do have to say though, that for dino transport? Wyvern defintely has it beat for everything BUT the Mammoth (The Mammoth, having piss-poor Stamina regen, is generally better transported via Quetzal unless bred. Megalosaurs and Rhinos are better transported by foot then Quetzal)
  15. Frogspoison

    Structure Limit On 6 Man Tribe Servers???

    Are you sure you aren't confusing the structure limit with, say, the turret limit, or platform limit?