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  1. What other flying mounts get movement speed with imprints? None of them. Movement speed on imprint on Owls was an oversight.
  2. we are talking about the START of Extinction here, where the playing field between new and older players is as close as it's EVER going to be on officials. What's more, the Gacha is entirely RNG based, especially wilds, especially at the start - Once establsihed, a Mega Tribe is going to have hundreds of Gacha's producing great gear, whereas beach bob had to have excellent luck to get a full set of usable gear from a wild Gacha - Getting a maxed out assault rifle isn't going to help beach bob, it's going to help the mega tribe when they kill lvl 15 beach bob and his 5 dodos. Official's aren't there to help new players on PvP. If you want to succeed on an established PvP server, you need to play smart, and sneaky.
  3. To do OSDs, you need to set up, tame strong dinos, and work together. A FAR cry different from lvl 1 beach bob getting a full set of Riot+best weapon because he got lucky from a WILD Gacha. Gacha's needed that nerf on officials.
  4. The problem was the getting of good loot. Yes, it's an even playing field, but it made the whole "Go do OSDs/Caves for loot" moot, letting people skip the entirety of the setting up portionof gmameplay.
  5. Gacha's were honestly OP - I was able to get a full set of Asc Riot Gear day one from wild Gachas, and an asc crossbow (All equipment had their respective stats maxed out). As it stands now, you'll need to breed, and get a high crafting skill mutation to get free, maxed-out gear again, AND spend a good amount of whatever resource dump you have (I just use metal0. They are STILL very good at pumping out their primary resource though - free pearls, crystal, polymer, things that are a pain in the ass to get, they pump out almost by the stack. Owls were easily outclassing the Daedon - Sure, there's the active vs passive portion, but whereas a Daedon will consume tens of thousands of food quickly to heal for a moderate amount, even an Owl tamed at lvl 7 could top off raiding rexes with ease, as long as you pumped up its stamina. Do note that they only received nerfs to their healing, and not to their CC potential, damage, ect. I dont get the managarmr nerfs though. While they are more easily available then Rock Drakes, they AREN'T that much faster then Rock Drakes. Titans... I'm meh on Titan's as a whole. A single-map gimmick that just creates huge balancing problems. At LEAST they are limited only to Extinction. Meks can't be lvld and HAVE to be ridden, so there is a form of balance there. Enforcers are allright and haven't really recieved any changes since release. Same with Gas Bags.
  6. If you are single player, you can remove them through the .ini files - Shrimps have 2 seperate spawns for Ragnarok one for the deep sea, and one for the various "shipwreck" areas, where they have heavy spawns, including Viking Bay. If you aren't SP, then just deal with it - Viking Bay is a pretty dangerous area for begginners, with all sorts of nasty wondering down from the nearby mountain, such as Megalosaurs, Rexes, ect. Note that a simple, SIMPLE wall will keep shrimps outta your base.
  7. Extinction has several special kibbles. The best one needs a titanboa egg or gold hesp egg, plus honet, mutton, mejos, ect. They act like the best kibble with almost any dino, including some ABB ones.
  8. The higher it's crafting skill, the better chances (And better quality) of the items from what I can tell.
  9. Gacha - Tamed like Roll Rats. Just throw items down at them, they will continually collect them until tamed/all are gone. Snow Owl pellets are absolute best, then Element Dust, then Stone, then everything else, bigger stacks are better. Velo/Snow Owl - KO, tame with meat. Simple, pretty quick, just get some prime. Managarmr - KO, tame with the Extinction special kibbles. Note - You can tame it with meat, but even with raw mutton it takes forever. Gasbag - KO, tame with berries. Note - Very long tame, use the extinction special kibbles instead. That's all I got so far.
  10. A note on taming Otters - Pick them up with a Krab and put them above ground. Then just drag the fish up and feed them - it makes it poop tons easier to tame otters. On other maps for those interested, use a Kapro to pick up the Otters. Krabs can also be used to easily tame almost ANY other passive tame as well - Moschops, Bigfoots, Dung Beetles, ect. Even centipedes!
  11. You are unable to obtain better quality fishing rods on Ab. You have to transfer/cheat it in.
  12. Ab Dimorphs DO spawn, but like the spiders, they are insanely rare
  13. In terms of capabilities, here is a list of pros/cons, comparing the Roll Rat to Mammoth. Pro - Roll Rats gather wood faster due to having a higher wood efficiency (About 9 wood to 1 thatch per 10 resources, compared to the Mammoths roughly 7 wood to 3 thatch per 10) Roll Rats can carry more wood due to having 80% reduction on wood weight - roughly 7% more wood if the mammoths/rats levels are equal. Roll Rats take VERY little fall damage, even with Aberrations natural fall damage reduction. Roll Rats can have 3 riders. Roll Rats can consume durability on their saddle to go fast. VERY fast. Roll Rats have much better stamina regen then the Mammoth. Roll Rats poop like phiomias. Cons - Roll Rats have HORRIBLE turning capabilities. If anything attacks you from behind, you have to gtfo or dismount entirely to fight it off. Mammoths can attack all around them, and can turn nearly on the spot. Roll Rats have a VERY small bite radius. Mammoths can gather wood in a wide area around them. Roll Rats are terrible swimmers. Mammoths swim decently. Roll Rats have an extremely expensive saddle, that has to be repaired on a regular basis. IMO, this is the worst part of Roll Rats. But yea, Roll Rats are the ONLY wood dino on Aberration. Tame some Achatinas for a steady cementing paste supply, and a dire bear to get the honey for roll rats (Use right-click to get 15 honey per hive. As the hives in Ab like to stack on each other, AND there are hundreds of them, you can get hundreds of honey very quickly, like 5 minutes. Just alternate between right and left click on a stack of hives
  14. Beetles do NOT collect feces on wander, you need a mod for that. A note on Citoak's method - You'll waste fertilizer AND oil with that method - When slot capped, any new items from generation are simply lost. As medium feces give 2 fert and 1 oil, having 300 slots essentially means you are losing 2 of the items per feces. Going with 200 medium feces, however, allows you ample room to not lose any fert or oil.
  15. Nice, and completely pointless necro. What even IS china island, and you can't make Dilo kibble in Aberration, since you can't get Dilos in Aberration. Sure, you can now transfer the kibble, but honestly they shoulda reworked the Aberration kibble tree a bit - Each Aberration dino IS different from their normal versions after all. Aberrant Dodos should provide the eggs for Aberrant Ankys and Doeds. Aberrant Raptors should provide the eggs for Aberrant Paracers, and Aberrant Stegos should provide the kibble for Aberrant Spinos, ect. In fact, it should be something like this... Aberrant Dimorphodon->Aberrant Dimetrodon->Aberrant Baryonyx-> A. Diplocaulus Aberrant Dodo->Aberrant Doed+Aberrant Turtle+Aberrant Ankylo->A. Carno->A. Trike->A. Sarco->A. Stego-> A. Spino-> A. Anglerfish Aberrant Parasaur-> Aberrant Raptor-> A. Iguanodon->A. Megalosaur-> A. Paracer. Thus, we have a complete kibble tree for Aberration dinos
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