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  1. Frogspoison

    Better Things for unfderwater Warfare

    To me, underwater warfare is a niche pvp scenario. In terms of mats, underwater has kinda limited resources outside of the caves - tidbits of metal on most maps, decent amounts of crystal, pearls, oil rocks. And, of course, underwater creature drops such as black pearls, bile, and biotoxin. You also have access to the deep sea crates. If the underwater base is your "main" base, then you pretty much need a second base for EVERYTHING land base - Caving, bossing, gathering, raiding, you name it. So you not only have to keep up 1 base, but 2 bases, and if you can do that on a PvP server, you are basically alpha on the server anyway. For underwater siege, do note that the Dunkle's are a better soaker then Stegos. Dunkles STILL take 60% reduced damage from ALL non-projectile attacks, and 30% less damage from projectile attacks, same as Stegos. You can also easily position the dunkle into a good soaking spot, where you don't take any damage. Yes, Dunkles are unable to eat sweet veggie cakes, but the only other water-based soaker that can are turtles. Finally, you can do some finagling with a platform saddle on a mosa to place mines to detonate underwater defenses quite easily, and all underwater caves take 6x damage. So yea. It's not any different compared to settling in a cave that you are unable to bring soakers into.
  2. Frogspoison

    lore Bulbdog overseer?

    Never really considered that. Personally, I would think the creature in question would need to be a "user/player" of said Ark. So not a bulbdog, but if an Alien was ever made to be a player in Ark, then that Alien could replace the Overseer. I would also say that said data for the Overseer would need to be missing. Finally, I would say that the right time/place would be the "central terminal" for said Ark - Do note that rather than nobody ever coming along, the notes heavily imply that noone was able to go that far and survive. Rockwell was able to survive it just fine because A) He could effortlessly slay anything buggering him, and B) he got shoved off the cliffs into an element river, which, while lethal for everything else, was probably like a hot bath for him at the time. Thus, he could have just flown out with the river right up to that central terminal nobody ever found, and then use it to make himself "king" of the Ark.
  3. Frogspoison

    Can any dino harvest Polymer plant?

    They do not, not even Moschops. Not really needed I think though, since a Moschops can get like 500+ polymer from a crab. You can hit inventory cap with a 2 man team - One person kills the hundreds of crabs, another carries the moschops to harvest said crabs. It's crazy.
  4. Frogspoison

    Alliance on the offline servers!!

    Tribe spends XXX amount of money to get 1 alternate account. Tribe uses alternate account to make a 1 member tribe, and allies with them. 1 member alt account places down behemoth gates/walls/ect, and pincodes the doors. Logs out, only to get back on to prevent building wipes once/2 weeks. Main tribe now has an indestructible base. Whats more, since you can build near and even on allied structures, you can still add to the base for walls and poop, while keeping all of your critical things, such as mats, blueprints, inside the original structure. You can even make it out of thatch if you want. So, see the problem here? It's already a pretty big deal on Ragnarok, where you have an unallied tribe gate off the many, many caves and leave it just pin coded, making an almost unraidable base (You have to aim for the very specific time frames when either the door opens, or when the player gets on to refresh the timer)
  5. Frogspoison

    Disparity of Alphas?

    Alpha Carnos and Alpha Raptors do not spawn on Aberration, period. The 3 alphas - Basilisk, Karkinos, and Surface Reaper, also do not give higher quality loot, like journeyman picks, hatchets, ect. Nor do Alpha Basilisk and Karkinos give pure prime, like how alpha's normally do.
  6. Frogspoison

    so what was [insert mutant nightmare here] anyway

    Ok, if you actually read the explorer notes for Aberration, you'll find that not only is Rockwell a delusional fool, but that the entire Aberration thing happened REALLY quick. For starters, the damage to the Aberration ark is NOT due to a meteor hitting it - A group of highly technologically advanced survivors blew up the Overseer and the overseeing station, which basically broke the Ark - it lost it's surface atmosphere, making the surface basically like the moon. The resulting earthquakes from the Ark being destablized opened up the underground, which was PRE-existing - Most of the creatures were already there, alive, in the depths of the Ark. Most of the things in Aberration were a part of the baseline Ark. Do remember that the Ark is kept artificially populated, even in the explorer notes - This was in the island notes, when it was stated that carnivores outnumber herbivores by almost 3 to 1. So there was no "Multiple generations" for the animals to mutate - The data for the Ark got corrupted when it got blown up by the tek survivors, and that's how we get the Aberration stuff. Ravager's aren't Hyeanadons, Roll Rats aren't beavers. Ravagers are a species native to the Aberration ark, like how Morellatops are native to SE. As are Roll Rats So, yea. it's likely that the
  7. Frogspoison

    Max 100 turret or x plant rule

    Armoring a Species X turret prevents it from being damage by anything but a Giga, explosives, or siege. Since you only have Giga and Siege on primitive, just armor your species X. Also note that you can supplement your turrets with your own siege (As mentioned, used a ballista), as well as dino defenses.
  8. Frogspoison

    tek Tek Compressor Idea

    Gas = Industrial. Element = Tek.
  9. Frogspoison

    Breeding Question

    Yes, it is possible to get mutations. People use fresh females to get more mutations. Just remember to keep track of what stats your mutations give.
  10. Frogspoison

    28GB game takes 135GB of HDD space?

    The rest of the game, not just the maps. Ark is a big am.
  11. Frogspoison

    Fake wooden logs in my base. When will I be able to mine them?

    Try using a re-fertilizer, and then mining it that way. Otherwise, it's a graphical glitch, Ragnarok has a number of them.
  12. Frogspoison

    Rex means KING!

    The Rex has 63% more health than the Spino. The Spino deals 40 damage in quad mode, and 50% more damage in bipedal mode, or 60 damage/hit. It gains a 15% damage boost with it's water buff, and regens about 1 bonus health/second (At least on singleplayer). It also attacks 15% faster then the Rex. DO note that the Spino does NOT attack faster with the water buff, nor does it attack faster in bipedal mode - It only hits harder The Rex deals 62 damage/hit. The spino thus deals ~27% more damage per second then the Rex. Thus, assuming that a player on a Rex and a player on a Spino were to duke it out, both dinos having the EXACT same levels in their stats, knockback/range not included the Rex would win due to having more health. Now, the quality of the Dino is NOT dependent solely on it's health and damage, but a whole myriad of other stats. The Rex has more stamina and weight than the Spino. However, the Spino has half the stamina consumption of the Rex, and is significantly faster then the Rex. The Spino is significantly faster in the water, but the Rex can scale almost any cliff that is less than a 85 degree angle The Spino has a greater reach and knockback compared to the Rex. Personally, I feel that the Rex/Spino should NOT be adjusted in terms of their damage and health capabilities - The Spino does not deal too much more damage than the Rex, and the Rex makes up for it with its much higher health pool. The main thing to be adjusted is in terms of the Spino and Rex's speed. Personally, I think that ONLY thing the Rex needs to compete with the Spino is a significant reduction in stamina consumption - Reduce it's current stamina consumption from the VERY hefty 40 stamina/second, to 10 stamina/second. Thus, while the Rex is still slower than the Spino, you can sprint for a much, MUCH longer distance with the Rex. Thus, it can come down to a matter of preference - Spino for areas with high water content. Rex for areas with low water content, and many rocks/mountains. The Rex already beats the Spino in terms of weight - You can get a Rex that can grab a full 300 stacks of meat and have it's speed unaffected by it, but it requires a significant amount of leveling for a Spino to carry a full 300 stacks of meat and have it's speed be unaffected.
  13. Frogspoison

    Bring back the old GIGA spawn locations on The Center

    I do agree that it was a cool thing about The Center, Giga's anywhere. But then it more or less turned into Giga's EVERYWHERE.
  14. Frogspoison

    Ignore Wild Dino Option

    Set their aggro radius to lowest - This prevents players from kiting your entire base of dinos off the nearest cliff (Because only a few aggro at a time) but also only causes a few of them to attack wild dinos, rather then all of them. They still respond when a player attacks them too.
  15. Frogspoison

    Give back tek items for guys who have to migrate again

    It is simple - People who left legacy to join the NEW official cluster joined completely new, fresh clusters. Virgin clusters. Clusters that had NO alpha tribes on PvP, and weren't tame capped on PvE. Thus, during the first "great" migration, you had the chance to become the top dog on the new clusters. Now, however? Any new officials being opened, unless they are their own cross-ark cluster, will have every human, john, and bob transfering over their max level character and powerhouse dinos as soon as the "grace" period of no transfers is over. New PvE servers will hit the cap in a day, and new PvP servers will become a bloodbath if a megatribe didn't establish themselves on it previously. Since the advantage of everyone being new is no longer available, older players should be allowed to bring over their older possessions. Heck, at least PvE players can get the added advantage of having access to the old legacy breeding stock.