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      Haven’t yet explored the island of ARK? Nows your chance to get in as ARK has huge discounts with Black Friday coming up, across retail and digital for PS4, Xbox, and Steam!The discounts and sale length may vary across platforms and regions, please continue reading for further sales information! The following prices will be in effect this Friday in North America: Wal-Mart (US Stores) - $29.99 USD (a discount of $30) GameStop (US Stores) - $34.99 USD (a discount of $25) EB Games (Canadian Stores) - $39.99 CAD ARK is also currently on sale in the Xbox Digital Store until 11:00 AM GMT on Tuesday, November 28th, 2017:  ARK: Survival Evolved - 25% off Scorched Earth - 35% off Explorer's Edition - 30% off Season Pass - 25% off ARK is also available on sale now with early access for PS+ members and will be on sale on the 23rd of November for everyone else until Black Friday (27/11).Please note that the discounts may vary based on your region. ARK: Survival Evolved Scorched Earth ARK: Explorer’s Edition ARK: Season pass Complete your ARK Season Pass ARK will also be participating in this year's Steam Autumn Sale! It'll run from now until 6 PM on the 28th of November! ARK: Survival Evolved ARK: Season Pass


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  1. Turret change discussion megathread

    Game has gotten stale. It needs this change. Time for new tactics. Lets see where it takes us. Why are the Kings and Queens of PVP afraid of More PVP?
  2. where do you see a question. I have been gaming for a little under 43 years. Do you have a question?
  3. If Nitrado continues to ignore the xbox community microsoft told me they will offer refunds. I told them i would give Nitrado the benifit of the doubt for now. BUT not if they trying to evade customers questions.
  4. Doeds and Stegos

    Doeds and Stegos , unofficial, Rag up to date lose saddles and lose ability to interact with inventory but still respond to whistles and maintain health by eating from feeding trough. they will attack and listen to all commands.
  5. 30 player max 28 slots open. 2xXP 4xTame 3xGather. Halloween event active. No PvP, No Grief, No Dowloads MUST be able to Communicate with a mic or on discord. New players are welcome. Old Gamers or Old New Gamers, Grandmas Grandpas Dads Moms Aunties Uncles even those who have recently Passed are welcome. Please reply by leaving comment or Friending BikeShopGuru on Steam. mods are s+ auto torch Bridges classic flyers
  6. HDR

  7. ISSUE ? Went into new section of desert map on my griffen and as soon as i put down for some stamina regen was attacked by 3 microRaptors. i survived along with my mount but Anglesea (my Griffen) had lost the ability to dive attack or dive at all. This lasted all the way back to base (5minutes) and i had to log out/in to get everything working again. I do not know if this is related to todays release or not, but it is the first time i have had this happen.
  8. Turn The Bloom Off

    lPast two updates looks like you Locked the Bloom on I use a 1080 ti and latest nvidia drivers with optimized settings and i can not play the game its so bright and nothing turns it down.
  9. season pass price reduction?

    Update (me). As with Steam, I had to sign in then saw discount. SIGN IN, sortted Jat, TY
  10. season pass price reduction?

    Only live in EU not NA. This does ( does this) apply to play anywhere purchase..?
  11. season pass price reduction?

    Hi Jatheish, I would love to be able to get all the collectors swag without the game as I already own the game on PC with SE and the reduced price season pass plus rent a server and I own it on xbox with SE but no season pass but do have a second xbox as a server, so question is if you are anywhere near selling out of the pre-order stock so yo can offer people who already have a lot invested in this game the chance to save a couple of bucks and still get all the goodies which I would really like to get. Old gamer here who has been awed by your game but I am running out of money.
  12. Old gamer here. I have an Unpopulated Whitelisted Ragnorak PVE Server 2.5 xp 4x tame 3x gather .08 water and food drain 8x maturation and day night cycle is pretty good, a little more day and a little less night.And I would like to put a tribe together of 4-6 players to play the map including underwater, caves and endgame, new players are welcome. I am would prefer players in the northeast US to keep ping down. I am not in a “rush” , I would like an even pace and be able to enjoy the game. There will be no pvp. Because the Ragnarok server is whitelisted it is a pretty secure enviorment. mods are S+ , classic flyers , auto torch
  13. I purchased the expansion pack on steam. It will not install. I got none of the perks or skins or anything. I have over 3000 hours in this game on xbox and PC. Streaming, Role Play, Active part of Twitch and Mixer , I also Run a server on my (other) xbox and rent a server for PC. I have been Gaming for 40 Years. I am 60 yo. I am an Experienced Gamer and this is not right, Please fix this. It is more than Frustrating.