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  1. season pass price reduction?

    Update (me). As with Steam, I had to sign in then saw discount. SIGN IN, sortted Jat, TY
  2. season pass price reduction?

    Only live in EU not NA. This does ( does this) apply to play anywhere purchase..?
  3. season pass price reduction?

    Hi Jatheish, I would love to be able to get all the collectors swag without the game as I already own the game on PC with SE and the reduced price season pass plus rent a server and I own it on xbox with SE but no season pass but do have a second xbox as a server, so question is if you are anywhere near selling out of the pre-order stock so yo can offer people who already have a lot invested in this game the chance to save a couple of bucks and still get all the goodies which I would really like to get. Old gamer here who has been awed by your game but I am running out of money.
  4. Old gamer here. I have an Unpopulated Whitelisted Ragnorak PVE Server 2.5 xp 4x tame 3x gather .08 water and food drain 8x maturation and day night cycle is pretty good, a little more day and a little less night.And I would like to put a tribe together of 4-6 players to play the map including underwater, caves and endgame, new players are welcome. I am would prefer players in the northeast US to keep ping down. I am not in a “rush” , I would like an even pace and be able to enjoy the game. There will be no pvp. Because the Ragnarok server is whitelisted it is a pretty secure enviorment. mods are S+ , classic flyers , auto torch
  5. I purchased the expansion pack on steam. It will not install. I got none of the perks or skins or anything. I have over 3000 hours in this game on xbox and PC. Streaming, Role Play, Active part of Twitch and Mixer , I also Run a server on my (other) xbox and rent a server for PC. I have been Gaming for 40 Years. I am 60 yo. I am an Experienced Gamer and this is not right, Please fix this. It is more than Frustrating.
  6. dedicated xbox server, 4 to 5 hours over past 24 hours game will not stay up for more than 15 minutes, can not do a dino wipe without crashing. Can not use Orbs without crashing, can not make a new character without crashing, can not add Admin without crashing what is going on here guys ??
  7. i posted in the forum about bloom and lightshafts , do both

  8. i have Ark on Steam and I am about to instal 1080 TI in my aging pc, and also PlayAnywhere Win10/Xbox version. 2 Xbox one S so i can have a ded server on xbox. I would LOVE to order a stand alone season pass and all the collectable goodies but after reading for hours can not find out what my options will be. i may have passed over the info so if anyone knows please reply. ty
  9. Xbox Server Options

    This is how I reduce BLOOM and LIGHTSHAFTS I have 2 Xbox One S xboxes, I use one for a server but you DO NOT NEED YOUR OWN SERVER. I was able to test this because I have a server dedicated Xbox. First I turned “offline raid protection” on my server “off” after I read about frozen Dino’s. This seems it helped the ability to apply reduced bloom settings. Even if you don’t have your own server this will work as long as the server you are playing on has offline raid protection turned off. Start a single player game by going to host local and start single player game so you are in game and go to the menu by pressing the small button on your controller to the right of the lit Xbox button. Then press r+l shoulder buttons and x+y+b all at the same time. This will let you now bring up admin bar in your single player game. Look directly into the worst bloom on the screen , bring up the admin bar by pressing the small button directly to right of lit Xbox button and this will bring up admin bar. (If this does not work go back and do the previous step again). Type this command into the admin bar ... cheat r.bloomquality 0 .... you will see a change in bloom next look at the sky and find a lightshaft , they can be pretty faint but you can find them, look at the “sun” type into the admin bar...... cheat r.lightshafts 0 ..... again you will see the change. Try lightshafts first if you would like, to keep bloom. Try it and see the change , lightshafts seems to be the most offending of the two settings. i tested this 10 minutes before posting this i tested this again 10 minutes before I made this post Now you exit to main menu and join the server you want to play on. As long as you do not quit or STOP the game from running you will be fine. All the TV settings on my tv are default
  10. Xbox Server Options

    Add "cheat" to command line ........... cheat r.bloomquality 0 Enter it in single player before joining official or dedicated or on your personal server in your admin bar
  11. Xbox Server Options

    one way to look at it is that the slower the flyer, the bigger the map
  12. Xbox Server Options

    turn off offline raid protection, it worked for me, try it
  13. Xbox Server Options

    prior to update i never used "cheat" in command line but i had to enter command in single player then back out and join official or dedicated, without leaving ark just changed game mode, after idk which update you could enter from admin bar on ded server but still did not have to use "cheat" after most recent update you can do it either way but you still have to use "cheat" in command bar so the command is now ...... cheat r.bloomquality 0