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  1. Please Tell me more than just the Managarmr Gacha and Velo (like the not finished Extinciton DLC pack (Flyer nerv was allso in favior for PVE players since nobody uses ground Dinos befor anymore for travel and Transport)
  2. I think the Whole Debatte is still most based on the Managarmr I heard that some PVE player liked the OP loot from gacha and allso the Damage from Velos but both was completly unbalanced even for PVE they did much more damage than any other Creature befor and that on far range
  3. I Dont think PVP suffers really from a "PVE-patch" since PVE donst often demand stuff but Mana was/still is so broken for PVP-players that it start to make the game unplayable I dont hope that PVP or PVE player suffer from some patches and I dont think we should shout at each other for diffrent needs. I am pretty sure WE (PVP AND PVE) together would find solutions wich woould be okey for both
  4. No I am PVP player by Heart and even in PVE Balancing matters (not as much as PVP but it does) Why should they feel pround when you dont have to achive something? Just becouse I am a PVP player by heart dosnt mean I dont care for other People who allso call ARK there "Home" if PVP or not I dont care but It should make both of this groups some fun one easy Fix I would see Is not devide PVP and PVE Dinos since most PVE Player Breed them for boss fights... why not give them a Buff in the Boss arena? that there Range is extended and Damage is buffed?
  5. To be fair (I am a PVP player) PVE Player dont demand much momst of the time But where PVP players use Progress by Broken Dinos like the Managrmr PVE dont really lose anything (of course Breeding for the OP Mana when it will be nerfed at the end sucks) Most upset I am about Wildcard to release something like this in the first place. Why not Introduce new Ideas/Dinos much to weak, buffing most of the time Is more accepted the nerving it... but thats the Devs PayToWin DLC content Idea.
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