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  1. Well it does say *accidentally* lol I’ve misclicked other things because of UI lag, maybe something like that happened? Just a guess.
  2. That can be gifted/traded even if you don’t have the DLC. I got my first maewing and incubator before having the DLC first Sorry I just think being too ready to pay to win accusations kinda cheapens the whole concept, when there are actually games that are truly pay to win
  3. This game is too grindy, the performance too unreliable, and support too unwilling to restore things lost through no fault of one’s own for me to risk it, so I make a new character (though right now I just go to other maps to tame). I understand that more than likely there won’t be an issue, but man the magnitude of the consequences (lol wow that makes it sound more dramatic and dire than what I’m going for) makes it not worth the risk for me.
  4. Nope, go us lol Between this and the transfer all button sometimes transferring the contents of the folder I’m in (what I want) and sometimes transferring all the content of the whole container (not what I want), inventory management feels so clunky and random at times. I just stick with large storage boxes for gacha seeds/stones, a couple per gacha; instead of just keeping all the seeds in a vault.
  5. Well I got in long enough to see that the rollback happened right before I walked my Stryder up the tek bridge to safety. But my guard giga is still out so there’s that. Good thing too because I spotted a yuti right before disconnecting. Hopefully the few who are in there aren’t anywhere near me so that screamo dino stays in stasis. So yay to not being killed with my giga podded in my inventory. Aaaand the server is gone again. Such the emotional rollercoaster lol
  6. 1600 intermittently shows up with 3-5 people in it, but won’t let me in and disappears again after a couple of minutes. And not a single word, not even on Twitter. I thought the game I regularly played before this (ESO) was run poorly, but at least people from the company would actually acknowledge when something wasn’t working most of the time. Even late nights and weekends.
  7. Of course I’d pick the worst one. But if that means there are Gen2 servers that aren’t constantly plagued with game-breaking rollbacks, it may be time for me to pick a new one.
  8. Not just yours. 1600 has been down for hours. Edit: in fact it looks like whatever happened, it took 3 Gen2 PVE servers down with it.
  9. Gen2 1600 pooed the bed and has been down for almost 2 hours. It had been running a lot better these past couple days but now this latest crash is the worst I’ve seen. Man I just want to go to bed but it crashed while I was in an area full of nasties and I have a podded good giga in my inventory. And if there’s a rollback my only Stryder might also get chomped. Please just come back on so I can go to bed
  10. No rollbacks, not even any crashes for me today so I decided to move my Stryder from my old base to my new one. The trek between the mission terminal and the base is usually full of all manner of riffraff so I first walked over there with my giga, easy peasy. Get the Stryder, get back to the base. Walk my Stryder up my tek bridge (two wide, that was fun with lag). Went back down, deactivated the bridges and podded the giga. Aaaaaaaaaand game crash. Of course it couldn’t be before I podded the giga so at least he’d be there to watch my unconscious back. That was almost half an hour ago and still can’t get in. Server is no longer listed so that might mean a rollback. Because of course. This one feels personal lol Before that tamed a direwolf, rex, and yuti. Didn’t set out to but they were there and either had nice colors or were high levels. And here I was glad to no longer be tempted by all the adorable maewings around, sigh.
  11. It’s probably folders, I have them in both my character’s inventory and the various containers I use. So it’s either inventory chaos or the annoyance of transferring many individual stacks? Ugh I don’t know which one would be more annoying lol
  12. You can’t place behe gates on rafts but regular dino gates should be good to go. Made a training raft recently with two dino gates (on official) no problem.
  13. Heirs sure, but I thought alphas could pop up elsewhere. I’ve killed one in the White Shoals area before. lol first one I killed too, I was all worried it was going to be hard but my giga killed it in like three chomps. Low level wild gigas take longer to kill than that.
  14. Re: your edit: lol this had me so confused because I have been using the radial menu on XBox since I got my first dedi boxes (admittedly just a few months ago), so at first I was confused about your pre-edit post.
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