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  1. Went to my Gen2 character (I just don’t trust character transfer to risk my main) to get a high level male and female R-velos. Got the lady just fine, minus almost dying from rock gollum I didn’t notice throwing a boulder at my face. Rude. Dude was a bit more difficult, found one but as I was dodging his hail of ouchies while trying to lure him into the trap, I instead accidentally lured him off a cliff into a river with a ton of spinos. Got distracted by light pets while looking for another one so didn’t get one but did come back with a featherlight, 3 shinehorns, a bulbdog, and a glowtail. O
  2. I raised one giga baby pre-maewing and had a fully grown adult so I could have a breeding pair. Got a couple of eggs from them just in case but didn’t raise any more because yeesh. And that was with cryopods. Since the maewing I have raised 5 more I think. They are hands-down the best QoL tame for me. And so easy to tame (though that means my jerboa hoard has been surpassed with a maewing hoard ). Y’all who were around pre-pods? Ugh I raise a glass to you.
  3. Oh I wasn’t saying it’s impossible or even that hard, just that not everyone may be ready for your 7min and done response. To get to *that* point may actually take hours of prep work too, and just saying oh just buy a bunch of meat to fill a bunch of tek troughs seems a bit dismissive to those who aren’t already well established in the game. It’s a good goal to get to because man tek troughs are handy, but that doesn’t take away from the annoyance of how micro-managey early game is.
  4. Also, getting a login lock because you’re just trying to get back into your crappy server? Particularly lame.
  5. Oh for sure. But not everyone is at the point where they have or can make 7 tek troughs easy peasy, so it’s not as simple for everyone out there.
  6. It would be lovely to not have to deal with 5-6 failed logins before actually getting in the Gen2 server I play on (official PVE, XBox). And if rollbacks could stop wasting hours worth of progress that would also be great. I expected crappy performance at release so I waited, but it’s still embarrassingly bad.
  7. Well farming to make those 7 tek troughs would certainly take more than a few minutes
  8. Haven’t gotten the achievement for that skin yet
  9. Ugh and ACs. It would be nice if they’d add a slider in settings so players in official can change it too.
  10. I vote for surprise saddle skins because stomping around on my giga with big ol’ bunny ears is the best lol Alas, since I’ve only been playing for two event so far, I don’t have many.
  11. Pretty sure even if every weekend from now on was a 2X event, breeding would still be so time-consuming that people wouldn’t be mastering it and having mega-mutated super tames right away. These mini-events help people who 1) play on official and 2) have a life outside the game but still want to progress at a reasonable rate.
  12. So it doesn’t show when other players demolish stuff with expired decay countdowns in the logs? I had wondering about that after coming across some demolishable dedi boxes.
  13. Ugh I was raising way more babies than I usually do, so I had timers going on my computer for imprinting, births, etc. Really drove home how much time is lost to lag, rollbacks, and offline periods.
  14. Yes to all of these. Especially the medium-sized gates, I wanted to make some gacha breeding huts while I try to get a dust one. Was really annoyed when I realized they needed behe gates. I’d also like to add improvements to the triangle roof placement. It is so maddening when they take forever to get the right orientation, and then it goes ahead and snaps in a different place anyways. Maddening. Something that makes breeding mammals more similar to breeding egg-layers. Previewing stats and colors. Preferably something that also makes the birthing time more flexible. With
  15. Before I got a couple poly gachas I’d farm mantises. If they’re as plentiful on Valg as CI, maybe that? Bonus is that they drop chitin, which can be used to make CP, which in turn can be used to make hard poly. I’d just use a crystal wyvern because while it may not have the highest rating as far as poly harvesting, all the other things that hang out around the mantises (so many, the desert is creepy crawly central) don’t attack unless provoked. But a poly gacha is really handy to have because you can store the crystals somewhere and only open them up when you need it. Heck if you’re in my clu
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