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  1. I want a tiny pony in ark ;w;
  2. Toast1124

    Titan gigas?

    Neither of them would work, the titans will just destroy them in a few seconds
  3. Toast1124

    Creature Level Multipliers

    could i do this on consle singleplayer?
  4. ...damn those kids are very toxic (i feel bad for you)
  5. Yeah, each time we go to his base we all crash lol
  6. This reminds me of my friend who bred a few thousand dodos because he didn't take them off of wandering
  7. Toast1124

    Who thought Manas were a good idea?

    I think it's suppose to be a giant cateriillar
  8. Toast1124

    Griffin attack nerf?

    Probably a bug
  9. Toast1124

    Let's be real .

    that means you are the ultimate cat
  10. Toast1124

    Let's be real .

    I just realized your profile picture is a cat a VR set :|
  11. Toast1124

    Happy Holidays, Survivors!

    dude, its the holidays, chill out
  12. I don't know on raptor claws, but for the dodorex is probably because people with use them for raids
  13. YAY! the ice breath aim is gonna be improved!