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  1. There already are offocial modded servers up and running
  2. NPC tribes for single player in Ark would complete the experience for all players. Please add NPC tribes to Ark Ascended.
  3. Everyone who bought the game on "Launch Day" or before should get the season pass including all future paid DLC for free in compensation for failing the community on Day Zero............
  4. Dear Jeremy, Please add the Bush People MOD to official content. It could be the closest thing to a single player experience.
  5. Can not log onto any servers since the last update. Is Ark still alive?
  6. Does anyone out there know when the Squid and other Dino's from patch 253 will be available on Xbox?
  7. I would love to see a mounted and s carried handheld spotlight that could be used to scan the shores from your boat or outside the walls of your base at night.
  8. It its more important to take responsibility for your mistakes than it is to take credit for your accomplishments. While he is across the ocean getting an award for how awesome he is and posting pics so everyone can see. Meanwhile his job is half finished and screwed all of Xbox on the event they have been advertising. Sad. Hope he feels good about himself.
  9. Yes. Very well said. We as gamers need to band together and hold Wild Card accountable just like every other industry out there. We purchase a product and when that product or service is not as advertised we have to hold them accountable. Just like Steam did with No Man's Sky if enough of us demand refunds we have a better chance.
  10. That us a matter of opinion. it is a good game and has potential but that us all still a matter of opinion. the FACTS are that I purchased a game under a promise of an advertisement. When that promise failed to come to fruition the deal is null and I'm entitled to a refund. If you went to buy a Chevy Truck at a dealership. paid your money but when you went to leave they give you a Ford Focus and say stop complaining Focus is a good car things would be bad. I bought something that was not provided therefor I'm entitled to my refund. then I'll delete the game
  11. Yeah I think they knew it wasn't going to be released and just posted up the event to scam more sales from poor Xbox customers.This is horrible. Wish I never would have wasted my money or time on a company like Wild Card. Just like Steam did with No Man's Sky if enough of us demand refunds we have a better chance of getting them.
  12. Yes we should I bought this game because of the promise of the fear evolved event. Now they can't even deliver what made me buy the game in the first place. If I knew the event was not going to be out I wouldn't have wasted my money and I'd be playing Battlefield 1 right now.
  13. Xbox customers need to band together and start sending complaints to Xbox itself. The BBB. The FTC. Any and all companies that will file your complaint. If Wild Card won't listen or help Xbox customers maybe they will listen to the Better Business Braureau or the Federal Trade Commission.
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