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  1. This gotta be a raptoring joke right? Report people LMAO that's a fking joke HAHAHAHAHA
  2. I'd like to point out that people don't shoot tek turrets with a tek tapajara, they shoot the giant hatch frames and that makes the turrets come down, your nerf about increasing turret hp is literally useless, and how about an event for small tribes for once? All this official bullpoop is really annouying when half your player population is on small tribes.
  3. So if you want to get people outta of caves, Fix Tek Tapajaras, Hatchframe Quetzals, Forest Titans, Golems and offline timers. Just honestly dumb that people can see when you are offline or not tbh. And also you gotta nerf the dino saddles again and the hp on Paracers and Turtles again and golems need to take some damage from turrets at least. Also obviously fix gasbags sticking thru mesh and soaking turrets. Need some way to prevent people from sniping all your tames etc as well and no cryopods is not an end all solution to this problem, there's still egg layers etc. If you want my qualifications look at my hours. @ Wildcard
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