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  1. Ok, so we downloaded the save to our nitrado account. We can log into our characters, but no one is in their tribes when they log in. The admin is trying to figure it out, but no luck. Is there some setting that we need to activate for that?
  2. Not sure if anyone will see this, but official server, Crystal Isles pve 854 has been down since they did the update...could somebody please fix it?!!
  3. NA-PVE-Official-TheCenter60 has been down for two days now. I know WC probably doesn't check this forum thread, but it never hurts to try.
  4. Would this investigation also include the PC servers that have been down for the past 3 days, such as NA-PVE-Official-TheCenter60 and the EU servers mentioned earlier??
  5. OK, WHAT IS THE DEAL! NA-PVE-Official-TheCenter60 has now been down for 3 days, with no end in site. We've been submitting multiple outage reports, and it looks like the battlemetrics server listed has only been updated to 349.2 not 349.10 like the other servers. PLEASE get this fixed!!!
  6. Seems like that often happens during events when jerks start duping. Happens on both 995 and 974 gen2 servers that I'm on.
  7. NA-PVE Center 60 has been down for two days. Anybody else running into this problem?!
  8. There are a number of gen two servers with the IP starting with 95.156.213 that have been down for a day and a half, and prior to that they were going up and down of a fairly regular basis. I'm beginning to wonder whether or not WC even cares about these issues anymore. My server, Gentwo 974 is currently in this group, along with 973 and 978.
  9. Server NA-PVE-Official-GenTwo995 has been down for 15 hours. What's the deal? The other servers in that group seem to be up and running. Why not 995?? And Might I add this has been an ongoing problem for this server. Please get it fixed!
  10. NA Gen 2 995 has been crashing on a regular bases, suspiciously shortly after a save leading me to suspect duping. From what I've heard if one server goes down in a cluster the rest will too, so the duping may not even be on my server. This reminds me exactly of what was happening when Gen 2 launched and 995 and others in that cluster was crashing so much it was virtually unplayable. If it's not duping then WC's 'crash fix' has broken other servers...
  11. NA PVE Center 60 server has been down for almost two hours, which is unusual. It so very rarely crashes! Please bring it back up!!
  12. We have two baby maewings that should've been done yesterday afternoon. They still have almost 10% remaining, and probably won't get finished until next May at this rate. And during 2x its a one day maturation! I feel sorry for anyone raising a giga on there!
  13. I'm also on 995, which is a NA PC server. This has been going on for at least the past four days, with this morning and last night the worst. If you view the Battlemetrics page for this server it looks like a heartbeat its going down so frequently. Evidently it is a cluster on 990's that are suffering this problem. It is making the game virtually unplayable. This needs to be fixed STAT!!
  14. Server NA-PVE-Official-Gentwo995 has been crashing basically every 1-2 hours, even after that last supposed server crash fix. And this morning we've also been experiencing major lag as well-comparable to what we were getting on Rag 382 and 383 about a year ago. Usually there is a hard lag just before the server crashes. Could we please get this taken care of? It is making in nearly impossible to play.
  15. Very True!!! If you look at the downtime history on Battlemetrics you can see that this has been an ongoing problem since LAST Winter Event!! It seems to happen most often during the events, with at least 1-4 server crashes lasting multiple hours each event. I know we're ONLY PVE in your eyes, but PVE players do make up a decent amount of the playerbase. One has to wonder, if WC is unwilling to address these issues in the current version of Ark, whether or not the current players will want to waste their money on ARKII...
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