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  1. QUEEN ELIZABETH!!!! Sorry, I panicked...
  2. catnip

    Passive aggression

    I think he's trying to avoid that since he wants to resolve the problem when he gets the chance. This person may take that action the wrong way and do more aggressive actions, such as kiting.
  3. catnip

    Passive aggression

    I know that works for your own animals but not sure about others animals, as I said. It may not if they are not online
  4. catnip

    Passive aggression

    I think using a whip moves them slightly. Not sure if tha works on others dinos, but it wouldn't hurt to try
  5. catnip

    Easter Tames

    Why can't we tame the dodos??? Why???
  6. catnip

    Easter Tames

    My rainbow warriors!!
  7. catnip

    Can't place structures near tame

    It is near 21, 16. I tried to pillar that spot but there's a dead area there, even though no beacons drop in that spot that I've ever seen. I'm located right above that spot at about 21, 17. There are two drops near the blue obi but nothing on our little jut of land to the south of there. It's like a dead zone where no one can place structures on that promontory/flat area
  8. catnip

    Can't place structures near tame

    No beacon near where I was taming so that wasn't the issue. I have a pillar near where I was taming and have seen structures built on that spot before. Not sure about the SE tame spot.
  9. catnip

    "When I was a newbie..."

    Lets see, built my whole base-by hand-from stone I gathered at one of the islands...my base was over near the swamp on center so would take my boat over to some safe islands near STI to get the resources. This was, of course, before Leeds so my boat was safe, but man did it take a long time to get that base made!! Did this for two bases before finally learning how to tame an animal...
  10. catnip

    Can't place structures near tame

    Admittedly I didn't try placing any structures at my base during the tame. Was too worried the animal might wake up! lol And I think my friend was trying to build a wall around a hyena she had tranqed. I believe she was either using gates or fence foundations and walls. since she was trying to build an enclosure
  11. catnip

    Can't place structures near tame

    Check edit
  12. catnip

    Can't place structures near tame

    Nope NA-PVE-Official-Ragnarok382 and EU-PVE-Official-Sorchedearth392 I was able to place other structures on 382 both before and after my tame when I was working on my barn. Might be tied to the taming mechanic?
  13. Yesterday when I was taming a ptera on Ragnarok I tried to place some spike walls near the tame. The walls were green, but when I clicked to place they just didn't appear and wouldn't place. Tried moving them away from the tame but still would allow me to place them. A friend on an SE server was running into the same problem when she tried to build around a tame. Could this be tied to the last update or the rollbacks yesterday?
  14. catnip

    easter event EASTER EVENT 2018

    Oooo, maybe the procoptodons will be wearing the bunny suits, kind of like the green monkey I found with the santa hat. After taming it still had the hat in it's inventory! And I like the idea of pastel colored animals. Maybe cyan, lavendar, pink, light blue, and yellow for easter!
  15. catnip

    pve How to xfer Ingots

    Thanks! I'll have to try that.