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  1. catnip

    Single Player Crash at Ragnarok_Proxy

    Thanks for the suggestions. I ended up using a saved game file from earlier that evening ( thanks GreenRoc for the help!!) and saving that as my Ragnarok save file, and just deleting the one that kept crashing. Lost some things but not the important stuff!!! That was probably the easiest way for me to get my game up and running since I'm not the most computer literate when it comes to trouble-shooting!
  2. catnip

    Vault inventory in S+

    I've done all of those things and the game still crashes at the same point: Ragnarok_Proxy. Was thinking of starting the SP game without any mods, but all that would be left if everything in the storage containers was gone would be the animals and their inventories. I'd say 90% of my building has been using S+ so I'm trying to avoid starting the game without that mod.
  3. catnip

    Vault inventory in S+

    I have S+ on my single player game, but may need to remove it since the game keeps crashing and I think the mod may be the problem. I know the S+ structures and items will disappear from my game, but what happens to the items stored in them, specifically, the vaults/fridges/bins/bookcases??
  4. catnip

    Single Player Crash at Ragnarok_Proxy

    Here's a screenshot of the fail message. It happens when Ragnarok_Proxy in my SP game tries to load. Also wondering, if I load the game in without S+ I know all the S+ structures and items will be gone, but what about the inventories in the vaults/tables/fridges/bins?? I'd hate to lose all the things I've acquired, since that is most of my stuff stored in those items!
  5. catnip

    Single Player Crash at Ragnarok_Proxy

    I play a slightly modded SP Ragnarok game. It was running fine when I logged out Sunday Night. When I tried to get back in Monday afternoon, my game had been uninstalled from Steam. After re-installing it I went to play my SP game but kept getting an Assertion failure at the Ragnarok_Proxy point. I've re-installed both Ragnarok and Structures Plus hoping that would fix the problem, but no dice. Any constructive suggestions? I currently only have 3 mods on the game-Structures Plus, Gryphons, and Eco's RP Decor.
  6. Game was playing fine on Monday morning, but when I got on my computer that afternoon, the game was no longer installed in Steam. I re-installed the game and tried to get in my Single Player game but every time I tried it gets to Ragnarok_Proxy and I get an Assertion Failure message. The message I keep getting is in the screenshot.
  7. catnip

    Event dinos on Single player

    Thanks, will do!
  8. Quick question: How do I get event colored dinos in Single Player, and also do Tek animals automatically show up in Single Player?
  9. catnip

    Lets show our Evolution Dinos?? Heres Mine :)

    They are both moderate lvl- 90 pre tame, but both were kibble tames so that helped raise their lvls up. Wanted to tame more but server was at cap after those tames.
  10. catnip

    Lets show our Evolution Dinos?? Heres Mine :)

    Here my two blue bois!!
  11. QUEEN ELIZABETH!!!! Sorry, I panicked...
  12. catnip

    Easter Tames

    Why can't we tame the dodos??? Why???
  13. catnip

    Easter Tames

    My rainbow warriors!!
  14. catnip

    "When I was a newbie..."

    Lets see, built my whole base-by hand-from stone I gathered at one of the islands...my base was over near the swamp on center so would take my boat over to some safe islands near STI to get the resources. This was, of course, before Leeds so my boat was safe, but man did it take a long time to get that base made!! Did this for two bases before finally learning how to tame an animal...
  15. catnip

    easter event EASTER EVENT 2018

    Oooo, maybe the procoptodons will be wearing the bunny suits, kind of like the green monkey I found with the santa hat. After taming it still had the hat in it's inventory! And I like the idea of pastel colored animals. Maybe cyan, lavendar, pink, light blue, and yellow for easter!