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  1. Idk if there’s a problem but why di d Scorched  sever go down and can you bring it back up

  2. Hello, your scorched earth server is down, any idea when it will be back up as it is the last one i logged out on

  3. Hello @Brayn do you know if the Easter even will start on your servers? Thanks

  4. Hi, brayn I'm currently having an issue where I was traveling between the island to abb when k spawned into ABB I lagged out now I cannot retrieve my character. If there is anything you can do to retrieve it for me that would be amazing just spent the last 3 months on the island and as soon as my tribe gets all the hard bosses down this happens 

  5. Hi Brayn, I think the island server is down. Any info on when it'll be back up? Thanks

  6. Hello @Brayn i recently started playing your aberration map but have not been able to find it the past few days. Did you close the server or something?


    1. Brayn


      No.  It’s still around.  Will try resetting it.

  7. Hello again, idk how often you check this but the island server has been down for a couple of hours.

  8. Hey Brayn. I just started playing on your Island server about a week ago with a few of my buddies. It’s been great, but there has been a problem. We ran across a tribe name undaunted and they began raiding us. They had a lightning wyvern and sent it in to our turrets to soak.... mind you we have 40+ turrets. It soaked the turrets about 200. So if my math is correct, with it getting hit around 400dmg per turret: 40turrets X 400dmg X 200 shots = 3.2mil health... also we hit it with both our griffins over 40 times for 500plus damage. This and the wyvern was not even bloody.... we had to surrender because there was nothing we could do. Are there things on the server that are this OP? Bc if so this server will not be fun. If a single dragon can take a well defended base then you cannot protect yourself.

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    2. rahargrave


      Okay thanks man, it’s “Arkan Sawce”. I will remember to record for next time.

    3. rahargrave
    4. rahargrave


      So I’m guessing that you ended up finding an OP dragon? Bc all the sudden they mentioned us talking to you about it and raiding us, killing all our passive tames. No big deal.. it is pvp. Just happy if you did actually take their dragon.

  9. Hi Brayn, I play on your 3x island server. I was wondering if you could please do a dino wipe. Thanks.

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    2. Igriff91


      Thank you! I really appreciate it and I know my clan and others will too. Thanks

    3. Brayn


      Wild dinos were wiped/reset on each server in the cluster last night.

    4. Igriff91
  10. hey brayn,

    is it possible to get crossplay with pc on the Scorched earth and the aberration server for xbox? i know the Island server works with crossplay but i cant transfer my carachter over to other servers.



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    2. Vixenxrezy


      awesome i appreciate it. im the leader of the spartans.
      we have been talking to undaunted and we consider each other friendly. both tribes are not causing any trouble towards new/ friendly tribes just so you know. if you ever need to contact the spartans my gamertag = Vixen x Rezy or my co-leader GOW zSyndicate

    3. Brayn


      Hey bud... WTH happened to you guys?

    4. Vixenxrezy


      we stopped with ark. kinda got boring and became unactive

  11. Hey guys, I'm looking for a chilled server to start a fresh game on ark xbox one. I have been playing for around 8 months now, and everytime I get to level 70-80 I seem to be raided and my base destroyed for no reason. I'm 22 yrs old and a dedicated player but still learning a lot about the game as ive never had chance to get well established on a good, chilled server. I'm willing to join tribes or just play alone until I level up. But have had trouble with trolls on just about every server ive chosen so far. Any recommendations?

    1. Brayn


      Check out my new cluster.  There's only 1 or 2 tribes on each of the servers and everyone is noob friendly.  None of the people in my tribe will harm you unless you start going out trolling yourself.  I'd recommend getting yourself established on The Island in any area that isn't on the beach or along any river or in a spot that blocks metal nodes from respawning.  Those places are usually heavily trafficked and resource rich, so best not to preclude others from accessing those spots and you won't stand out as a target for anyone.  The server is as close to an official server's stats/rates as I think is necessary to be able to have an enjoyable casual experience.  No super 10x-50x rates, no free stuff, no admin abuse at all.  Servers are paid for 365 days so you'll have a home for at least that long!

  12. This is Snail Games guys... the Chinese company known for freemium mobile games that owns Studio Wildcard. This micro transaction version has been in the works since they bought WC. Sad thing is it will probably run a lot better than the PC or console versions.
  13. Come check out my Xbox PvP Nitrado Servers! 


  14. Rag Lag. You know, that map you released at your official launch? You've done nothing to make it playable. How many years until it gets a TLC?
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