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  1. First time here? It's basically 2015 all over again, the game at release will be a buggy mess but as time goes on they'll polish it more.
  2. With server transfers opening soon what are the best methods to counter egg thief's? I'm gonna deploy a TEK force field once I start trading but im wondering if there's better methods.
  3. Did you end up submitting a ticket? I know back in ASE they would refund lost characters. Also back in the day the way to counterattack this glitch was to close the game, also NEVER hit "Create New Survivor"!
  4. It's a solo issue on the PS5, PC/Xbox work fine. Its bugs the hell outta me *literally*
  5. Stegos have my vote due to its hardened mode! -Good for tanking hits on Alpha Brood, Dragon, Monkey bosses -Can't get dismounted from a pulvi attack (TEK Cave) -Can't get dismounted whenever the Overseer does it's laser beam attack
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