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  1. I was just given a warning but not sure why? it states not to bump within 24 hours and I waited 24 hours before bumping. Did I do it wrong? I was looking to send a message but didn't se anywhere to do that.

    1. ArkSailorVin


      Understand now. someone commented on my post so that counts as a bump got it.

    2. Jerryn


      Yes, your previous post was 23 hours ago(in response to a question), and the post after that was about 22 hours after that(give or take a few minutes).  It needs to be a full 24 hours since the last post in the thread, whether that post is yours or someone elses; not just 24 hours between bumps(the link I included covers that).

      Normally, we prefer that you even answer questions from other users in PMs, but so long as the questions and answers are not excessive; but ultimately, an answer to a question still counts as a activity.  

    3. ArkSailorVin


      Thank you for the clarification. Still a lil new to this.

  2. Are you on xbox? my server has women on it. arksailorvin. more than welcome to join. If you want to know anything about it just send a message to that GT. Enjoy.
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