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  1. A little over four years ago on August 13, 2016, I came across a thread by ShuZhen who was looking for folks to play with on her Xbox dedicated server. I was running my own, but looking to play with additional survivors so I quickly sent her a message. We messaged back and forth for a day or two and finally coordinated some play time. We intermingled friends...some got along great and others butted heads. Dozens of tames and exciting adventures later across The Island and Center, ShuZhen and I grew closer and closer. Remember when we were grinding super hard on Scorched Earth to make our
  2. This is a great guide, thank you for sharing for us "dummies" ? I'm trying to add vanilla engrams to our Primitive+ server...like the longneck rifle, tranq darts, and the motorboat. How might I go about that? Edit: Got it to work!
  3. Neither of those work for me on Xbox. Also, entire inventory is wiped when traveling within map cluster (Nitrado). ARK data doesn’t work either. Proper settings verified that nothing changed. Major broken patch.
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