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  1. I'm uncertain as to when it happened but I as well as some others have recently noticed that you no longer spawn in with any of the tek skins that we have purchased from the microsoft store. Is there a reason for this?
  2. Wolf is beautiful. Id pat the fur down a bit on the bears back, but that might just be my preference. I still advocate for a catapult saddle for turtles, even though it doesnt quite fit the bill of what youre asking for
  3. Is this something we can enable through Nitrado hoster servers as well?
  4. Basically what everyone else is saying, touch up all of the early dinos. Not exactly an update to the creature but it does add much more usefulness, either a new saddle type for the Carbonemys that makes it a walking catapult, or just a platform saddle for it just big enough to put a catapult or a cannon onto. Make them some tiny tanks.
  5. You wont get charged until the servers are up, and Nitrado will be giving you a few bonus days free to make up for the delay if youve already ordered it.
  6. I've stopped caring at this point. I was fine with a delay or two but you guys are just crying wolf now. Stop giving us false hope and just tell us when it's done.
  7. what're the chances of getting all the collectors content sold without the game, and cheaper? It sounds cool but that's expensive and I dont need to buy ark again
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