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  1. @lilpanda You guys should try to find a Stable Save Day 30 or above because that's when most people joined the server. A lot of people in chat said they were playing around 30 to 35 so, It would be beneficially to not make a lot people mad to find a save on Day 30 or above. Saying this to be nice.
  2. So whats happening with this server cause its been rolled back to day 20 that's like 2 day roll back lost a lot of stuff!! Any updates @lilpanda ?
  3. @lilpanda Okay a rollback would be okay, Going to Day 30 In-Game is not that bad!
  4. @lilpanda So server is on day 3 No Dinos players! So what do we do??? Really about to quit ark! Can we get a full explanation for whats happening here cause 1 week of work gone!
  5. God what has happens Just let us get are stuff then rollback! I think everyone should agree give us like 2 hours to do it!
  6. Could we at least get are stuff off the server!!!!!
  7. How far back are you going! Are whole base is almost gone!
  8. ARK Digest Q&A!

    For Official PvE Servers can you give us the ability to make ACs silent? This would make them a lot more usable in bases without all the noise! Also for Official PvE Servers can we have the ability to hide wires and pipes in the future? This would make builds look so much cleaner! Are Cross-Alliance Privileges still planned? It would be a nice feature to have!
  9. Official S+ before release?

    We really could use Structures Plus as a Official mod before release because being able to start from the beginning with Structures Plus on Official Servers especially PvE would be amazing! Also this would change how we build are bases and everything!! Hopefully this could happen before release! Come on Devs and Orionsun!! Petition to show support!! - https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/make-s-official-server-mod
  10. Music Options

    They should add an options to turn on/off certain musics like: Battle Music Ambient Music Regular Music I would like some of the Music on like Ambient Music but don't like Battle Music. It would be so much better if we could toggle what we want on and off.
  11. Long Term Flyer Nerf Fix

    These are great alternatives!
  12. Long Term Flyer Nerf Fix

    This Opinion for the Flyer Nerf is coming from a PvP and PvE player. Lets face it the flyer before the update were to fast. But removing Movement Speed completely is a bad idea in my opinion. Cause some flyers like Argent and Quetzal are too slow and getting Wyvern Eggs will be a lot harder not impossible. A long term solution I think a more long term fix they should implement for flyers is that instead of it giving you lets say 3% movement per level they modify it per Dino so like a Petra is 0.2% per level and a Argent is like 0.5% per level. So you would have to sacrifice more levels for faster flyers, so in PvP you would not be able to have as much Health and Weight for a Petra if you want speed. I think making the amount of speed per level lower or higher based on the Dino would be a better long time fix. Also flying so fast you can barely see someone is a problem to me. But moving so slow that flyers are only good for traveling over a high area is bad to me. I think what the Devs did is a good idea till a long term fix is made.
  13. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Some questions I would like to ask are as follows: 1. Could or are you guys going to do a more PvE based update that would include things like more Furniture and Decorations to make PvE a little more interesting in the building department, But could still be used in PvP? 2. Could or are you guys going to ever up the resolution of paints on Players, Dino's, Signs, Ect. I feel that on players and some Dino's they look to Pixelated? 3. This is a more Technical Question could you guys a HDR support for ARK as HDR monitors are coming out? 4. Are a Higher Tier Feeding Troughs still planned? 5. Could you add an option to disable Tribe Dino Transfers or lock it to Admin only for Tribe Privileges? 6. Also is there any planned Alliance Privileged based things so that you could disabling Alliance Building or Alliance members can eat out of your Feeding Troughs? Also Adding the option to Allow Alliance Members to open doors and chests without the need to Pin Code Things if they have the privileges? Thank you for making the best survival game in my opinion ever!
  14. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Are you guys planing on adding Oculus and or Vive Motion Controls for Ark in the future?
  15. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Is there any way you guys could add controller rebinding for PC Version of Ark? And a Advance Options to rebind more things to the controller itself like you can with Keyboards? It would make Controllers more useful on PC Ark.