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  1. TC I think is total conversion. Like primitive plus.
  2. Well to be fair. Its not going to happen if anyone changes it to its proper proved state of how it has worked. Like how propel test the food effects here. Making it clear the wiki is wrong. Meaning people might be willing to change it if they can beleave our Proof or test it themselves Fter reading this page.
  3. Bump. Also, anyone know why there are still false info on the wiki that still aren't removed yet?
  4. I'd say it's an ant(like those in LOTR) Or possibly a nature alemental(like in fantisy stories/games.) there is also the possibility of it being a forest creature. It's a hard one though. But I'll bet on the last one. Seeing there being titans and all and it being on an abonden earth.
  5. Pre-flyernerf stat flyers. Just as it says. Make servers with flyers still being like before the flyer nerf. It's to make a great comeback for our once loved power of the skies.
  6. A pvp server at which you can only raid during the weekends. kinda like in pixark. only then it's always the same as on pvp, only you can't damage the dinosaurs or buildings of other tribes during the weekdays. Swamp fever and mage rabies are still a thing and can still be transmitted to make it harder to survive if you are in trouble. in effect, if you have damaged a wall, foundation, ceiling, etc. and it hasn't been fixed before the end of the week, it's still able to be broken if it is not connected to atleased connected to three other items. so that the mass placing of pillars will be a whole lot harder and a lot more work. also, it will make it easier to build up again after the weekend ends and you get a decent chance to strike back in a full-out attack when the workdays have passed. I'd like to call these servers comeback-time-servers, Though I wouldn't mind a different name.
  7. Its a butterfree with sleeping powder, a very strong sleeping powder.
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