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  1. On xbox and pc if works, just fine. So it's probably only ps4. I hope they'll fix it soon for you guys.
  2. I can't even make my own for a private session on my regular old xobx one. So it's not just them. It's the, fact that it asked to much of an Xbox. Try waiting for the next gen and see if they release it there how, it would, go.
  3. There is a, lot of unofficial servers as well that have a lot of people playing on them. So if official doesn't feel populated enough. I'd suggest looking at unofficial pc sessions. Or try to look at the lesser populated er ones for less lagg if it gets to much
  4. I've been having the same issue with the alpha raptor. Other aloha creatures are just fine
  5. TC I think is total conversion. Like primitive plus.
  6. I wonder why the sizes are so messed up with some creatures. A mammoth is smaller then a bulbdog on all texidermies. I don't ming them being in scale. But atleased make the bigger creatures bigger then the smaller ones. A mammoth smaller then a shine horn is still a bit to far.
  7. Thwy atleased made it possible to rebuild. Keebotz, my advise would be to help them get a, starting package with the basics to rebuild thier base. Or a 24 or 48 hour boost moment to get them back on their feet after or during the svo event. Because if they have to do it all over again without any help, they are just going to leave.
  8. Why is it that as soon as wildcard tutches another update with prim plus they big the hell out of it. They should just bring back primitive mode. The old one. Where it wasn't bugged more then the original after an update. But then again, it was a lot less fun with way less resources. Yet more challenging.
  9. They were back up for a little while. To test out a patch. As his statement said, it wasn't a great fix. So they kinda left it for what it was and took them down again.
  10. Same case with the rented servers. Making clients from nitrado kinda annoyed. Making it waisted money. I'd hate to have no servers, to play on because wildcard can't see it fixed. Would be better if they gave the version to another team that would have more respect for the game.
  11. 6 days and 2 hours and 50 minutes from when I wrote THIS line of text
  12. Since the release of extinction. That would be around the 14th. Being almost a week now 6 days straight.
  13. K scroll to the top of the page.. I'll send you a quote with the info on it what they say to you and all. They basicly say this. (I don't know how to put it as a quote. So please know these are nto my words) "Primitive Plus servers are currently having issues on both platforms. We are testing fixes currently on both platforms and will continue to iterate on this further to solve the crashing issue."
  14. It's in the home page on the top of the screen
  15. Same on console now. I doubt they have the brains of a decent company and fix it before they lose all of their player support. Because it will happen on official and they still don't know what the words making a decent game is. Bit that's wildcards experience for me atleased. I play primitive plus for so long and they still haven't fixed the issues after the so called fix for tlc2. Because ab still has so many issues that they claimed would be helped and made comparable with it all. Well, it didn't. And it probably never will.
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