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  1. Was the same species, aberration anky. What i change its this second time i was using zip version and the first time i was using the .exe version. After the problem i unistall the exe and remember my first time using this a few months ago i was using the zip version. But after unzip i admint i dont try use. I'm telling this if you want take a look. But everthink its working now in this amazing work Thanks for helping us.
  2. I'm sorry man, but when i log in again to take a print to you now i can inset values inside the oxy. Inside the black box even if the lock its up all less Oxy spaces i can insert the dinos value. Becouse of that i can insert dinos inside the library. But now i can inset numbers inside. Sorry for that and thanks for the attention
  3. Its just me of the oxy its bugged in last version? To me its always 0 and becouse of that i can't insert any dino in libery . Anyone know what i need to do to solve that? Thanks
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