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  1. Maedean Shepard left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Maedean's Shop ^_^ (CLOSED-FIND ME ON DISCORD)
    Glad to do business again since Legacy with this trader, always a pleasure. Friendly and accommodating, 10/10 ;)

    metallicruz was Trading

  2. vtallbloke left Positive feedback for a topic   

    New Asc (and other ) BP sale
    Good comms quick sale, would deal again thanks

    metallicruz was Trading

  3. Thirel left Positive feedback   

    Came to my server and we had no problem on the trade, trustworthy and fast trade.

    metallicruz was Trading

  4. Nekit left Positive feedback   

    good trader

    metallicruz was The Seller

  5. Maedean Shepard left Positive feedback   

    Excellent trader, I offered to give more because his asking price was in my eyes low. Even though he realised his asking price was in fact low he still insisted on sticking with what was offered on the thread because he made the mistake of not asking enough in the thread. An admirable trait for a trader. Definitely worth recommending ;)

    metallicruz was The Seller

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