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  1. I see that this is basically a copy from the last couple but with the event. Also still not much love for console. Congrats Wildcard you keep disappointing us 😶
  2. AsE: had bugs from the start and are still current today; never gonna get fixed AsA: starting to have major bugs that annoy the people paid and playing it; probably not going to get fixed for awhile considering the last Community Crunches. If I had a penny for every time someone said “fix your game wildcard” I would be a millionaire. Please atleast fix SOME bugs on both Arks it might not happen but I can only hope
  3. As someone who plays on console and has paid for all dlcs and ect. Also more than 2000+ hours on Ark, this is the most disappointment I had for a long time.
  4. yay wildcard made a community crunch that has actual stuff and not reposts 😃
  5. oh wow the final last happy birthday for ark. such a shame what Snail Games is going to do to it when ASA launches late. ☹️ i know im very late.
  6. we have the tickle chicken, now we have murder chicken and giant chicken (the Yi-Ling and Ragnarok vote creature)
  7. .. aaand on another episode of: Community Crunch of Nothing, Community Crunch 383! With absolutely nothing except the last couple of posts. As someone whos played since 2017, I’m expecting the Ark franchise to go in a flash of flames and snails. If ya know what I mean.
  8. I just came here for the community corner final screenshots since the last couple of crunches has been a let down
  9. If I remember correctly, to put the skin on you have to buy the DLCs and max out your character for a thing on a free map that make you go zap zap? So that’s like $60 and 100+ hours for a skin on a free map, just to have cool hammer that makes some sparks. Right?
  10. Sweet, lets see what I have to do to get ASA.. oh so I just need to buy a PS5, PS5 controller, the game, and the DLCs again and considering Wildcard there’s going to be wierd bugs.. I think I’ll stick to ASE thanks.
  11. Ah yes, the Vietnamese one hit KO dino which always shows up at the best time. Never could have asked for anything more. 👌
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