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  1. Taking a look, some of the placement of creatures is interesting. For example, Spino is a kibble tier below Rex, despite being on equal footing with the Rex now. Not complaining but just wondering why they made some of these tiers the way they are. The names can be a little confusing to me, "Extraordinary" and "Exceptional" are very similar in name. Maybe chance "Extraordinary" to "Special" or "Fantastic" Same with "Basic" and "Simple" IMO I believe Araneo (Spider), Mantis, and Basilisk eggs are all missing from kibble recipes, I would suggest adding Basilisk eggs to the same category as Wyvern and Rock Drake or to the now Extraordinary category. Not sure where Mantis and Spider eggs should go, maybe with Large Eggs? Also, if you are going to have golden eggs be one of two choices for Extraordinary, you need to add the Hesperonis to all maps. Currently, it is impossible to get golden eggs on Aberration or Scorched barring transfers.
  2. I'd recommend Megatherium (Sloth) for Broodmother. Bug Killer buff makes damage scale incredibly high, plus they are less likely to get stuck (in my opinion). Tested on Singleplayer with SP settings.
  3. There are far too many "Giga" and "Mega" names lol. "Mega" has like 5 different creature with the prefix lmao. Megalodon (Shark) Megaloceros (Deer) Megalania (Wall climbing Lizard) Megalosaurus (Nocturnal Dino) Megatherium (Ground Sloth) Megapithecius (Ape boss) WHY WC? you cause me so much confusion. (JK I still love this game)
  4. The name does fit though. Here is the definition if you are not aware ab·er·ra·tion ˌabəˈrāSH(ə)n/ noun a departure from what is normal, usual, or expected, typically one that is unwelcome.
  5. Read this please. Has some issues, hopefully it helps, we want Rangarok/Center!
  6. Ark is a fun game, I play with my brother and "randoms" on official ORP servers. One of my most fun stories? I guess when I tamed a low level spino to explore the ocean and encountered a level 5 squid, right after they were introduced. I had to watch as my spino was knocked out, suck dry by the squid, and turned into a corpse. What did I do to it?!? I swam to the surface fast as I could. Ocean: Not even once. Now I joke that the ocean creatures are on bath salts (the drugs). A sad one I had was when I made a series of really bad decisions. First, I Mind-Wiped and got rid of my 50 something fort to give myself more weight. Second, I transferred my fire wyvern over to Scorched. I have no idea what I was thinking, but I decided: Hey, let's go egg hunting. I was looking for some eggs when I noticed a wyvern who was rightfully pissed. I could have handled it any day, but instead I fled. I ran into a Wyvern trap thinking my wyvern could tank this wild one, while I tranq'ed it. I closed the trap. I was also dehydrated (in-game) so my torpidity was steadily increasing. I dismounted and then ran outside the trap to not get grilled. Then, I see the Skull/Crossbones symbol on my HUD. My worst fear, I was tranq'ed. I spin around to see a low level scorp, who stung me. I passed out due to having no fortitude and having 25ish torpor already. I could have woken up faster if I did not mind-wipe. The scorp stung me every 5 s or so to keep me under. I had to watch as my wyvern, on passive, was ripped apart by its wild brethren. RIP Code Red.
  7. One attacked me and stole my veggie cakes. Killed it and found out that it already ate one!
  8. Boas. I live in the swamp and I hear combat music every once in a while. Turns out that a boa got into Dino pen and it is impossible to find and kill. Annoying af. Then I got to wake up the Dinos with stimes and make sure they get back into position.
  9. Will imprinting be increased too? If a baby's mature speed is too quick, it might be impossible to get 100% imprint. Maybe Box o Choclates can add +20% imprint?
  10. That was not my idea. The ark wiki speculated that this creature could be the honeypot ant. I did come up with the name tho.
  11. Wiki said that it could be a honeypot ant, which is actually a pretty cool idea. Even though these look more like butterflies, they may be Honeypot Butterflies. (Butterpot files?)
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