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  1. Primitive Plus

    Our Primitive Plus experiences in pictures!
  2. List of 100 Things that grinds my gears

    Read all and most of them made me nod in agreement. And I laughed a bit, then cried.
  3. The Center Map Wont Load on PC

    Go to your library, click on ARK: Survival Evolved and then there is a link for "DLC" on the right. Another option is go to the ARK shop page, scroll a bit and there is "Downloadable Content".
  4. The Center Map Wont Load on PC

    There's a folder 614734500 in your mod folder of ARK. Delete it if it's still there and the new Center map is a DLC, you have to download via Steam. The map isn't downloaded automatically afaik.
  5. Large FPS drops 100+ -> 50

    What is your CPU/Graphic Card/RAM usage when the FPS drops occur? You can check it e.g. with the OSD overlay of MSI Afterburner. Did you try different settings too? Do the drops occur then?
  6. Steam overlay gone

    Still an issue here, too. I still have to turn off MSI Afterburner. Tried the thing with the rivatuner list too, but it didn't work. Quit ARK just before Easter and returned now with the hope of it being gone...
  7. The Babies of ARK

    Between Dodo and Kairuku Super cute picture!
  8. Steam overlay gone

    @erra, I found a workaround, but not a real solution: it seems like MSI Afterburner/River Tuner causing trouble with BattlEye. Everytime I close both applications and then start ARK, I get an overlay. Overlay is working on every other game, I reinstalled Steam, reinstalled the game, unchecked and checked all the Overlay buttons.. I'm running Win10 Prof x64 with a R9 390 with the latest beta driver (and i5 3450, 16GB RAM). Other machine here doesn't have the problem and has got MSI Afterburner too (R9 390, i5 2500k, 16GB RAM, Win 10 Prof x64). On my server everyone else still got the layout, but I would like to have mine back without having to close an application...
  9. Unable to use map / gps on Mosa / Plessi ?

    You can check your GPS or use your spyglass on plesios/mosas etc. Just use your GPS before you ride the Dino and then press Q when riding. Same with spyglass, unmount, use spyglass, mount Dino, press Q.
  10. Game crash when grabbing another player

    I finally have more to tell Changed graphic cards from the 280x to a R9 390 and since then no new crashes. Running the latest beta driver from AMD at the moment. I can't screenshot the settings since the Steam overlay is broken, I will edit them in when it works again.
  11. Steam overlay gone

    Hey guys, since the last Patch (235.3) my Steam overlay is gone. In the launcher I tried the "Play ARK" button (first one) and, since my native Language is German but I want to play in English, the "Launch ARK (Force English Language)" Button. In both options the Steam overlay is missing. Anyone else got this problem? Anything I should try?
  12. Tribe Alliances

    So far I found this out about the Alliances (I'm playing on a PvP Server): allied tribes can't ride your dinos, but they can be co-rider of Roos or Gallimimus they aren't able to open your doors or gates turrets and plants won't shoot on allied tribe members dinos set on "aggressive" won't go nuts on allied tribe members allied tribe members and dinos appear in blue font
  13. Terror Bird level 20 took 79 Narcotics and 9 Gallimimus Kibble.
  14. It is in the Tribe Manager, you can create Alliances there. No further settings...