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  1. It's honestly a toss up, Sony *HATES* mods in games on their platforms, like with Skyrim and Fallout 4 (also a big reason why Minecraft hasn't been updated on their platform in ages, they just don't like fun and creativity I guess.) But fingers crossed y'all get em, would really hate for Sony to screw their players/paying customers over in another crossplatform game...
  2. What do you mean? They did this with the first version of the game, too. Does no one remember the first (of only two to three or so, sadly) big wipe to official after all the major troubleshooting, QA, and duping in like 2015-2016?
  3. Well, you got one thing right, they did get lucky. They made one of (if not THE) most successful indie survival games, and they were indeed lucky to do so. It almost died on arrival due to poopty business practices (non-compete clauses) and was brought back from the brink to become the great game it is today. Yeah, they had their missteps, but certainly no more than any of the triple A developers they were aiming to produce a game of similar quality to. Actually, my apologies, you got two things right. You are a fool as well, as you stated. Good riddance to you too, the franchise will go on just fine without you complaining like it seems you likely do quite often (oh who am I kidding, we both know you'll buy ASA so you can complain there as well 😉.)
  4. Maybe read it again but slowly, there is infact going to be console-to-console only servers, if you even make the mistake of playing official in the first place lmao
  5. Good riddance, movement speed levelling was horrid and if you actually read the post you'd know that the other things mentioned are a non-issue. Bye bye 🙋‍♂️
  6. I don't even know who you are lmao, but join the queue, I got loads of fans 😂
  7. No, *the Switch platform is an exception*, because they aren't getting ASA, obviously. You can't honestly tell me you expect Switch to get ASA, right? Are Ark players really this daft?
  8. I'm with you here 100%, the true OP is probably rolling in their post because of the obvious and detrimental pandering that's slandered this poor creature. I really had hoped that someone competent was going to post this back up again, but alas, here we are...
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