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  1. I think that there are actually to many mammals in the game seeing as All the previous winners of the creature votes have been mammal. Also, people saying that there are to many bugs in the game have no idea what they are talking about since I feel like we are really lacking in arthropods in ark.
  2. Yeah that would make them basically the kind of creature you would only tame really late game and even then it would probably easier to just use other creatures and farm wyvern milk yourself
  3. what I meant by that message was that it is up to wildcard to decide the abilities so they would probably all be different to what’s been written in their submissions
  4. You do realise that the abilities don’t matter and that you should be voting on how the creature looks, not their abilities
  5. Go to the newest community crunch you should find a link there
  6. Cheetahs in real life are heavily inbred, meaning they would fit right in with how ark breeding works.
  7. My first thought when someone says apex predator is the Trex, and the most efficient and successful cat is also one of the smallest, the Black Footed Cat
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