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  1. Wild Never have I seen a creature as good at moving around obstacles as the Nothosaurus. This creature seems to work exceptionally well underwater. It seems little fish flee from it, as though they don’t want to be gobbled up. Domesticated After asking around, I have found that almost no tribe on this ark is without a Nothosaurus. They seem to swim exceptionally well, as well as provide an easy method of moving around this ark. Hello everyone and welcome to my post, please enjoy and keep in mind these abilities are not confirmed if it wins. Primary attack: a bite Secondary attack: swap between climbing and not climbing, like rock drake 3rd move: a decorative roar Passive abilities: Climbing like a Megalania, a water buff like the Spino, and a new aquatic dive. more depth: Basically I do not want this creature to be overpowered, so I gave it primarily traversal skills, as well as weak stats comparable to a Kaprosuchus and a Megalania. Like the Megalania I want to give it the ability to climb over obstacles and up cliffs and overhangs. I also wanted to emphasize the water aspect so I gave it a water buff. Now for the new move: an underwater dive. I decided that if griffons and snow owl can do an air dive, why isn’t there a water version of that? This is essentially a griffon dive underwater. Sorry about no artwork.
  2. The shonisaurus is a large marine reptile, similar to the ichthyosaurus. This creature would remain at the bottom of the plentiful seas that ragnarok boasts. They would give away raw prime fish meat when approached, similar to the leedsichthys. Unlike the leedsickthys, the shonisaurus would be skittish, fleeing at the first sign of danger. There is an exception to this however, being when a tuthso is around. If a Tuthso is around, the shonisaurus will become aggressive, attacking all around it. This can be utilized by enemy tribes, as when a tamed Tuthso is near a shonisaurus, the shonisaurus has a 2 minute timer before it rages, attacking everything similar to the giga. abilities: turret soaking, stun immune, Tuthso immune, gathers pearls, and has a saddle that is also a fabricator. I am open to suggestions! The whole reason I put this here, is: 1. We need more sea creatures. 2. We need more ickthyosaurs. abilities may change if you guys want.
  3. The ceratosaurus would be a mid teir carnivore with defensive capabilities, combined with the strength of an allosaurus. Wild Ceratosaurus Nascornis uses its smaller frame to its advantage in the deserts. It uses speed to run away from larger predators, while using defensive scales to deal with rivals. It is a very rare creature, spawning in the southern plateaus around the green obelisk. Domesticated It is not that hard to domesticate a ceratosaurus. They are aggressive, but do not notice survivors wearing any sort of camouflage. They will then accept their favorite food, organic polymer. They seem to be one of the only creatures on the Ark that can eat organic or regular polymer and be fine. In fact, it even seems to give them a buff. A domesticated ceratosaurus has many uses. If a ceratosaurus uses its roar, it seems to rally its Allie’s in a way that boosts their ability to take damage. This allows its Allie’s to take more hits without dying. Abilities: Right trigger: A simple bite with mid to low damage Left trigger: An echoing roar that gives all Allie’s within a certain distance a 25% armor buff that stacks with saddles. Right stick: The ceratosaurus does a charge forward with its horn. This does bleed damage (first comment, all credit goes to him) Passive: If a ceratosaurus eats organic or normal polymer, everything around it will get a 10% defense buff that stacks with roars and saddles. Polymer will not count as food.
  4. The creature voting is over! I may sound impatient but can we know what it is for? Thanks in advance?
  5. Thank you wildcard!! I hope Ark 2 comes out soon!! Also, the birds in the background of the brachiosaurus looks like ickthyornis…
  6. Siats is an elusive beast found exclusively on the center. It has the raw power of a Rex. However, similar to the megalosaurus, it has the need to sleep. In exchange, it gets a night buff, providing strength of an extra 40% to the stats of health, damage, stamina, speed, and weight. This allows it to on take down among the most powerful creatures on the center. How to tame: Approach the Siats while it is sleeping in the day. You can walk up to it without waking it up, and ca. enter a mount. You must stay on the Siats for the 500 second timer. The Siats can not take more than 500 damage and has to kill a certain amount of creatures based on level. For example, at level one, it could take about 5 diplodocus. Moves: Move 1: A bite that inflicts torpidity slowly but effectively. The torpidity increases by about the average tranq arrow per bite. This is because of a special venom in its mouth. The torpidity can only be inflicted at night. Move 2: A bite/grab That dismounts an enemy and hold them, Slowly doing damage for 20 seconds. Move 3: A tail whip like a reaper. Move 4: An athstetic roar. Siats can spawn in the redwoods and the center of the center. Mountains also can spawn them, but very rarely. Siats are also good at raiding. During the day they can break up to stone. At night they can break even metal teir. Their saddle is unlocked at level 76 and is nothing out of the ordinary. A second saddle called the raid saddle is unlocked at level 100. This complete shields the rider, along with having the purpose of being a mobile fabricator. They look like an allosaurus, but just smaller than a Rex. They also have the megalosaurus type feathers down its back.
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