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Shonisaurus, the deep sea tuthso counter



The shonisaurus is a large marine reptile, similar to the ichthyosaurus. This creature would remain at the bottom of the plentiful seas that ragnarok boasts. They would give away raw prime fish meat when approached, similar to the leedsichthys. 
Unlike the leedsickthys, the shonisaurus would be skittish, fleeing at the first sign of danger. There is an exception to this however, being when a tuthso is around. If a Tuthso is around, the shonisaurus will become aggressive, attacking all around it. This can be utilized by enemy tribes, as when a tamed Tuthso is near a shonisaurus, the shonisaurus has a 2 minute timer before it rages, attacking everything similar to the giga.

abilities: turret soaking, stun immune, Tuthso immune, gathers pearls, and has a saddle that is also a fabricator.


I am open to suggestions! The whole reason I put this here, is:

1. We need more sea creatures.

2. We need more ickthyosaurs.

abilities may change if you guys want.

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