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  1. @JatheishJust wanted to let you know you spelled my name wrong in the community crunch, you spelled it Demonsoup lol ma friends are giving me all kinds of crap for it.
  2. Never say never, put your heart, and soul into it, and let your creativity flow. Find a muse, research real landscapes, and do not underestimate your ability to do great things. Every one of these maps started as a blank editor and slowly became what they are now. You have your canvas create your own masterpiece, and prove it to yourself it can be done.
  3. Structures + shouldn't be a sponsored mod, it should replace the current build system all together.
  4. Yea it was funny, and I got the meaning.
  5. A lot of people here don't see a use for this bird, and are already shooting it down. I see a huge potential for this bird. Sometimes getting oil, pearls, and chitin can be quite a chore early game. Drove me nuts to see tons of trilobites just a few feet off shore, but surrounded by mantas, piranha, and sharks. Not to mention getting penguins along the shoreline on the iceberg lake on the Center map. I got really good using a petra and its corkscrew attack to gather these items, but will sometimes get thrown off if i get to close to the water. I would love to have a bird that allows me to hunt the shore line and the shallows for resources without getting thrown off. This bird will be a welcomed addition to my family of gatherers. Also if what they say in the description is true, that they stay mostly in the water. It will make taming a real challenge. I say challenge excepted!
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