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  1. Lewiatan

    sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    Been there, done that. True, Unofficial servers make this game playable for someone who doesn't want to dedicate whole life to it. However, mods and unofficial servers only delayed the bordom of ARK's gameplay loop for me. They do not solve severe core gameplay mechanics and server flaws.TLC types of updates came way too late and they should have been released in EA, not 5 months after premiere. I will not let that sIide. I uninstalled the game 7 months ago. Promised features such as building and AI overhaul never came. I only want to see if WC is serious about fixing the game in weekly patches. I doubt a lot of ARK's players will be excited about ARK2, which will not avoid being called as "fixed ARK 1" by players. WC fell into the trap of feature creep, thus the ARK2 cannot have less content than previous game. Now, 100+ dinosaurs will be hard to achieve for the sequel. Everyone knows WC has a bad reputation in playerbase, so WC would have to change for better for real this time if devs wanted to count on old playerbase of ARK to buy ARK2 when is released. By the way, currently devs are so silent, the game development seems to be in limbo thus it makes me wonder if they finish the life cycle of ARK very slowly. The future will give the answear.
  2. As far as I know it was cancelled.
  3. Gotta love how over a month ago they tell us "Mid-April" then at the last minute push it back to the end of April 2,5 years on the market and they still have no clue how much time they need to have things done. No one treat Wildcard and their ETAs seriously at this point.
  4. Overall, I agree what you said here. However, you ought to use punctuation, because your comment is hard to read without it.
  5. I wouldn't treat that as a proper story tbh. Randomly found notes of dead explores throw narration pace away through the window. It was high time for WC to start working on bug fixes seriously. Pumping the game up with more and more redundant features would reach a point where it would be impossible to fix anything. The core fundation of the game is a buggy, unoptimised mess. That's the fact and WC did nothing to adress this problem once and for all. We do not need more things that will be broken, because they did not pay attention to the quality of the game for 2,5 years. If you built something on buggy code, the result may be extremely unpredictable. The game is in a huge need of QoL updates. With right commitment to bug fixes game can thrive like Division or Rainbow Six Siege. That is a marathon, not a sprint tho. However, WC has attention span like a child, because of bad project manager I assume, so I'm quite sceptical they will stay with current commitment for long.
  6. Literarly no difference. You did not bother to keep attention to post those Digests anyway... Those unansweared questions for Digests is a prove how terrible your communication was with playerbase. Currently, you try to be active and respond to people's complain and feedback. I wonder how long it will last... Probably till the start of DLC 3 development.
  7. I think that taming mod has a big chance to be added to the game. It would have been very convienient to copy paste it to the main game for WC and call it QoL taming update. Too bad taming is as tedious and boring as it was on Day 1 of EA. Hmm... If I had known about that mod, It would have kept me in ARK longer.
  8. I wonder at what moment Wildcard would run out of people to handle the game on 5 platforms considering how many things they want to do at the same time. This can only end up with massive crunch and disaster if they don't expand the studio and CS. That aside, WC cannot release this buggy mess as it is now on Switch, they would have to start fixing bugs, ALL of them, and further optimse the game, for real this time.
  9. Lewiatan

    ARK Survival Evolved for Mobile!

    ARK and F2P mobile model? Owing to the fact how anticonsumer mobile F2P games usually are, I don't think players would like this game. Any premium paid boost packs that affect PVP directly or indirectly makes the game Pay2Win.
  10. SOTF is dead. Development of that game was put on hold long time ago indefinitely.
  11. Well done #badart4badark. It was high time to call WC out and crticise their bad priorties that involved stuffing the game with more redundant content rather than QoL changes and fixes. It is sad community was forced to spam reddit with bad art to make Wildcard open its eyes and prove how buggy this game is. It's just showed WC could not care less bugs that are extremely inconvienient for playerbase that were here for years. Weekly bug fixes should have been here since the premiere to begin with. I highly doubt WC will be posting those weekely bug fixes patches longer than a month. They will abandon this commitment quickly due to 3rd DLC. I hope I'll be wrong in this matter, but I don't expect miracles. By the way what happened to famous Kibble Tree Rework? Owing to the fact we haven't heard nothing about it for months might suggest the idea was scrapped.
  12. I thought you assumed I quitted due to visual aspects of creautres, therefore I gave you my true reasons. This is why I mentioned them. I agree let's not move to offtopic areas. As for raptor design I said what I had to say about it. One thing that I'm curious about is the pounce animation and what creatures raptor would be able to pin down exactly.
  13. Fantasy looking dinosaurs didn't make me quit the game. The answear is more complicated than that. Main reason was the game does not respect my time and other things such as terrible server and game performance, lackluster gameplay mechanics, the most primitive AI I've ever seen. After 0,5 year from premiere they started working on QoL updates, that should have taken place during EA tbh. There is a chance after those updates game would be polished enough to give it a shot again. However, unless devs adress one problem "if you tamed, built, bred what you wanted, the game becomes really stale and boring", I won't bother. Mods only delay that problem.
  14. In dinosaur case, they do care vide feathered dinosaurs. However, I'm not a player who would scream and protest with a torch in hand, because modeller decided to make a fantasy looking creature. Modellers can still make fantasy looking creature without sacrificing accurate anatomy too much. I prefer a balance between those two things.
  15. I also dislike how fantasy looking those dinosaurs are to the point I question modellers' basic knownledge of anatomy. You can create fantasy looking creatures and keep their anatomy more or less accurate (i.e any wyverns in films or games), but it's not the case here and it never will. Regarding the raptor. The new raptor's arm feathers looks out of place completely. They don't fit this kind of forearm shape and posture, and they're too big. Unless walking and running animation is changed, I guarantee they will clip through raptor's tights more than old feathers. Raptors arms and paws should have a structure of a wing, only then any kind of feathers would look good there. Ear holes are way too big and they look quite ridiculous. Nostrils could be scaled down slightly. Tail's feathers looks odd. They seem to have low quality feathers. If WC wants to have feathers there, I suggest to do something similar that Primal Carnage Exctinction's feathered novaraptors have on their tails. On the other hand vertical feathers don't make sense, because they would have made body balance harder to achieve for running raptor. Feathers lack any kind of transition between scaly and feahtered region therefore it looks like they were slapped on the raptor and glued. It's nice to see they are working on things they should have done during the Early Access finally. Too bad, instead on working such QoL updates improving the game overall during that time, they were waisting time and rescources on redundant features and dinosaurs. Owing to the fact another DLC is on the horizon, I'm more than sure they will stop working on QoL updates pretty soon and then they will focus on DLC entirely. I hope I'd be wrong and the game would be improved to the point I may consider playing it again.