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  1. I would like Wildcard to seriously address why 1000 USD+ GPUs barely can runs this game in native 1440p in aroudn 20 FPS on epic settings like RTX 3090Ti. We do deserve to see the plans how the team is going to address this problem. We haven't spent 8 years to find out nothing changed on that front at the studio and the game will remain horribly optimised till the PC hardware would develop enough to handle ASA optimisation problems with brute force of computing power (This happened with ARK Survival Evolved basically) I am not getting this game till I am sure I don't need PC from NASA to play in max settings, 1080p on epic setting 60FPS+. (I have here RTX 3080Ti, 64GB RAM and Ryzen 5900 (12 cores))
  2. Steam recently removed the local currency for various countries of the south like Argentina because the inflation there is so high, the game studios cannot price the game accordingly. The price were switched to USD. Maybe that's the case why you see higher price.
  3. You know, it's pretty emberassing to learn about the first showcase of gameplay of ASA from the third party side; in this case XBOX. At least we learned something.
  4. NASA approved It'd be nice to see real requirements for ASA at last.
  5. I still wonder if I won't need RTX 4090 to run this on epic settings with stable 60 fps or over 100 fps 1080p. Ark Survival Evolved performance in EA was horrendous at launch. Time will tell. Also, hold onto your butts. If Wildcard had to release the game this month, I'd assume they had to crunch to get this released. I expect bugs, lots of them. Hats off to the artist and 3D modellers here tho, that's a really pretty raptor model.
  6. I'm suprised... not... The fact Wildcard doesn't even peep about ARK 2 makes me think it's in deep development hell so the studio figured out remaster is only think achievable short term.
  7. 3 months before the release of the remaster. What did we get to show and prove us it would be worth our money rebuying the same game? A 3D render of the game's asset. Nice, it totally does not encourage me to give Wildcard any benefit of a doubt. Is there anyone at Wildcard who realised it is the TIME to show as much as possible of the remaster after the severe community backlash? Or everyone is out of touch there still? Also, when will you put any offcial announcement on steam page ARK Survival Evolved would lose all official multiplayer functionality in August so customers could make an educated purchase?
  8. I still can't believe they'll be able to manage development of TWO games at the same time. The one that we have been seeing the concept art only after 2 years of development and the remaster that they're working on + extra DLC in 2024 for it. They did not even bother to explain how they're planning to achieve this. No way they can deliver it in acceptable quality because that's just Indie studio that got overwhelmed by game's popularity. I fully expect the deja vu of ARK: Surival Evolved lunch in Early Access in 2015.
  9. So Studio Wildcard decided to take wait out the backlash strategy. What an anti-consumer studio and cowards. Good luck trying to rebuild a good will in community for ARK 2. I wonder how quickly you'd kill ASA. PS: Also, when will you move your butt and update steam storage page of ARK:SE that game will stop having official support in 4 months? That's tiny but so important detail people need to know.
  10. I wonder when Wildcard will realize it maaaay be a good idea to slap warnings ARK:SE will not have official multiplayer support on every store page they sell the game. At this moment they are deliberately mislead future customers who do not read the games' journals they're getting a full product.
  11. If you think about it for a bit. The first idea. 39,99 USD for ASA + ARK 2 + all DLCs 40 USD = 90 USD The second idea. 59,99 USD for ASA + all DLCs. But no word about the pricing of ARK2. Now ask yourself how much ARK2 will cost if it was released in EA? 30 USD... If so, this would cost... you guessed it also 90 USD. Or if they went for full price. 60 USD so it'd cost 120 USD. It's the same. damn. thing. I do not like being fooled. Wildcard is taking us for granted once again.
  12. I feel ya. I joined on Early Access game when the game was released in 2015, I've seen everything Wildcard was capable to do or not. Varying from ingoring the community's needs who begged for fixes, poor communication, paid EA DLC, feature creep and ignoring to work on core game mechanics (do you wonder why server tick rates got so low as 4Hz at some point?). Constant delays. I did want this game to be good, because there was no good Dino game on a market back then and now. However, when I realised this game is vast as an ocean and deep as a puddle I gave up. It felt great to get out from "Sunken Cost Fallacy" that this game uses soooo much to keep people playing. So I don't trust them either.
  13. I highly doubt they will be able to maintain 2 games at the same time with high standards. I question if they'd even be able to maintain a remastered game while there is ARK2 in active development that got delayed by 2 years already. This is worrying.
  14. I bet they'd finally address the player base disapproval to this idea by saying how much they value our feedback and after consideration they're a "generous gods" and they might drop requirement to rebuy DLCs again. They'd also say how much to listen to our feedback. Typical meaningless PR stunt from the game studios or the publishers. But let's be real people, this is also know as boiling a frog in a pot slowly (but I guess Wildcard decided to pour boiling water into the "pot" instead). Presenting terrible idea at first, then present a bit less terrible so it'd be easier to swallow. That tactic is as old as the world itself probably.
  15. Aye. The main reason I was turned-off by the game. The devs didn't work on core gameplay mechanics of ARK during Early Access so fundations were solid as much as throwing extra dinosaur in it. Now, the game pays the price.
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