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  1. If ark gets The ue5 upgrade does that mean we will have to start completely over?
  2. That's not funny. Give us something. Turn 3X on permanently. It's the end of the game. What would it hurt?
  3. Can we get some info on what is going to happen with ark1 on PlayStation format. Being left in the dark sucks. Tell us something.
  4. Boy oh boy wildcard really cares about its player base. 10 hrs posted and not a word from a dev at all. Like 1 big middle finger to PlayStation users.
  5. You would think wildcard would have left the rates alone . PlayStation doesn't even get ark 2 for god knows how long . Why on earth do we not get to keep the 3x rates . It's bs. And I'm not the only one that feels this way. Come on wildcard give your loyal PlayStation users something. You sold your soul to Microsoft. Why not hook us up tell the game is done.
  6. Looks like someone would be trying to fix this. Not a word from a dev.
  7. No idea how to report an issue but here ya go wildcard . If you blue screen and try to log back in it's saying no servers found . Fix this issue please.
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