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  1. So I pet a few Astrodelphis in space trying to find a high level tame, now my taming progress is littered in different low level Astro taming progress. Is there any way to remove the ones I don't want to tame??
  2. As the title explains; Was going for a supply drop in the southeast corner of the map, hopped off my astro to pick it up and was suddenly teleported to the northwest corner of the map in the opposite biome. My tame stayed near the supply drop, but this could have ended up a very dangerous situation. This was on an Official Xbox server. Edit: This has now happened 3 times near coords 65.6 90.6
  3. Hi, the Tek Suit seems to be a bit buggy in space in terms of its jet forward thrusters. Sometimes I can hit RB to activate the suits jets, but sometimes they don't activate. The animation will show but you will not move forward any faster than you already are. I found this out the hard way after I couldn't escape two voidwyrms that came out of nowhere.
  4. I have heard something about Noglins being able to turn tames back into wild creatures after controlling them. I may be wrong on this but perhaps someone tamed them, cryo'd them and released near your base and used a Noglin on them to make them wild again. Matter of fact, i might try this out on my annoying neighbor and see if this method works :^] Edit: didn't read the level 300 part at first, most likely from misson as other's stated
  5. The thing that fixed the glitch on 2 of my astrodelphis tames was picking up the glowing buff that appears after killing a wild dino while mounted on the astro. The buff stacks as well, try to pick enough up to get the max buff time?
  6. Was on Official unfortunately
  7. Have you tried killing a wild dino outside of starfighter mode and picking up the buff that hovers above the corpse?
  8. Good news, I think I may have discovered a temporary fix to this glitch until it is fixed. Here's what I did: -Unequipped Starfighter saddle(not sure if necessary) -Equipped Starfighter Saddle -Without activating Starfighter mode I went to kill a wild creature on my Astrodelphis, after killing the creature grab the buff that hovers above the corpse. Possibly do this several times to grab a few buffs. -Have your Astrodelphis eat the corpse to harvest meat to inventory -Glitch should be fixed now -You have to do this with each new Astrodelphis tame in order to
  9. Interesting, I have been wondering if it is bugged. Because everything honestly does feel without. My server does have a ridiculous amount of mining, but something has definitely felt off about the amount of resource nodes.
  10. Nice, glad that we now have a solid solution to this. Not sure if this was an intentional feature though. This mount is pretty OP, killed 2 alpha raptors and 2 alpha rexes in a decent amount of time on a low level astrodelphis. however this food consumption bug makes it hard to experience the greatness of this tame.
  11. Not sure about other servers but on my official server there is a mass mining problem. I have passed through the little space highways just before resource transition, and have seen a lot of people just waiting for the asteroids to change before they begin mining. Hover skiffs are pretty fast, faster than my astrodelphis and are typically used during space mining I have noticed. Tl;Dr - there are a bunch of people mining simultaneously right when the asteroids change to the new ones. That being said, I feel that the asteroid resource nodes should have a faster respawn timer.
  12. Occasionally a supply drop crate is inaccessible because it is spawned next to a resource node. For example, if a supply crate is spawned without an "access inventory" option, I must search for the resource node(such as as tree or rock next to the drop) and mine that item before I can access the supply drop. On rare circumstances the supply drop spawns directly ontop of a resource node, meaning however I maneuver myself around the supply drop, i simply cannot mine the resource node that blocks the drop. This happens more often in the Alien/Rockwell biome. Please look into this
  13. I found a temporary fix to this glitch. Please read my above post if you Astrodelphis is consuming meat too quickly. Let us know if it fixed your tame's food consumption so that we can confirm this method is effective.
  14. I also lost my astrodelphis with full inv of element to a similar issue. Was right behind me on follow in space and randomly disappeared, no death on the tribelog either. Edit: WARNING TO SURVIVORS: Don't dismount your tames as asteroids transition resources. It seems to take your tames and vehicles straight to heaven forever right now.
  15. Hello, I was in space and had my Astrodelphis set to follow while taming another one. My tame was right next to me, then suddenly had vanished. There is nothing indicating my tame dying in the tribelog. Has this happened to anybody else??
  16. I was riding my astrodelphis into the alien biome, and noticed a bunch of weird transparent tubes erupting from the ground in the middle of the map where the trench is. I hadn't seen anything like this yet so I flew a little closer and game crashed. Now every time I load in the game instantly crashes. Update: The issue was sort of resolved. Each time I loaded in I had to quickly look down and move sideways until I was far enough away from the pathway leading to Rockwell's Innards biome. For some reason every time I come close to the pathway leading to that biome it instac
  17. This also happened to me several times.
  18. This seems to be a bug. Make sure to have at least a few stacks of meat in its inventory at all times, immediatelyafter you tame it is necessary as well. The food also does not drain while Starfighter mode is activated. Edit: Definitely a really annoying bug. I managed to fix the bug on one of my astrodelphis, I'm not sure how it was fixed but I recently lost that tame to a glitch in the asteroid biome (tame randomly disappeared). RIP Belle Delphis :c After taming a third astrodelphis I notice that this glitch remains and can quickly kill your tame. Even
  19. Yeah it is ridiculous how fast they drain. It seems to be fixed it you load them up with a few stacks of meat. They don't consume much when in Starfighter mode. Btw, does anybody know how to deactivate Startfighter mode? I can't figure out how to turn it off besides dismounting.
  20. I have been playing Ark since launch and haven't posted on the forums since 2016 I think. But yeah, Genesis was a huge let down. I feel like I was cheated for the price...
  21. Bring this lovely beast to Xbox soon!!! Heck yeah
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