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  1. Hello with the migration will this be put on a separate official cluster? It would be real not cool starting out fresh to get Unicorned by bred dinos on day two because a mega tribe wants to move there. Maybe make some 3 month apocalypse servers I think this would be a huge hit! Keep up the good work and hopefully I will be able to play and build up fresh again.
  2. amen to this! And Im an Xbox player... If you really want the giga skin and manticore armor do what im doing.. Buy a PS4!
  3. Just went and bought a PS4 - Anyone want a xbox one or I can host a server for anyone on Xbox lol
  4. Have you tried a hard reset? My Ark wouldn't Auto update yesterday and I had the same problem. I unplugged xbox for 30 sec Ark updated and it was fixed.
  5. This quote is absolutely priceless! I must meet you Sir! Lol add me on kik SOTFArkBirdy
  6. Rip, They do get penalized... I only know this as my Brother In Law works for Microsoft. Its not just us angry its other game developing companies as well. its completely lunatic to release a paid DLC in a game thats not even complete and so buggy as it is..
  7. Im honestly about to call xbox and refund the expansion and the game then rebuy it while its cheaper! lol in my opinion the games not worth what we pay for it now. And who wouldn't you get 1 refund a year through Microsoft then you can turn around and but the game for half the price it was originally. lol! Maybe if enought players did this they'd lose enough money that they would release more Primitive Plus servers??? Keep in mind I wouldnt be re buying the expansion.... to many lvl 98's got glitched in so its ruined and pointless now.
  8. Wait so I can transfer dragons over to Primitive Plus???? Really!!! What about items
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