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  1. such a shame to see a rare creature walking the map.....and believe me any creature including dodos are rare right now, and watch it despawn in front of your eyes within minutes of you starting to tame it...............
  2. Wow, who had the bright idea of offering the base game for free this month on PS Plus.... then not running evos to gently lure in and hook those new players so they become addicted faster and spend money on DLC's, and not only that, ensuring halfway through any progress they've made is likely to be lost with a several days worth of huge update! Great business model
  3. As an additional aside, has the ability to send tickets in to support for PS4 and Xbox been disabled now? I can only see PC related support, and Genesis is now not only unplayable but also unloadable for rendering, by either myself in the UK, a tribie on the other side of the UK , and two tribies from Portugal and Australia respectively, so it definately isn't a problem at our ends...
  4. Now that would be an incredibly sensible thing to implement, just imagine how many fewer tickets would be generated if this were so..
  5. Lol I hear ya.. has to be said though, I was really hoping the rumours of a Tek Giga were true...
  6. the reason genesis wild dinos get so many kills in? Simples, you go to enter genesis server, wild dinos get to kill you before you even see past the loading screen, same when you take 4 steps once you do land, game dcs you, wild dinos still see you and get to kiill you , rinse repeat about 30 times in an hour, all just to be able to keep your hard work rendered in the hope that one day you might be able to play again.....
  7. Looking forward to this, hope its playable... had to smile at the xbox player death stat.......I for one would love to see the stats of player death, items lost dinos killed to the actual game faults, dcs, bluescreens, lags etc, I know I alone have lost countless hours of my time raising giga and making expensive kit just to see it gone in one bluescreen that I have no control over whatsoever! A death during a battle is honorable. a death in the ether is a crime
  8. am i the only one that read that as all server transfers will be allowed to Crystal Isles from 25th Aug ? IE ps4 and xbox too?
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