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  1. Sotf has been a spinoff all along. They have to work on the main game and no, they don't only have to make it run better. They have promised alot of features that are still missing that the people are excited for and there are tons of bugs aswell. And it's not like SOTF is suddenly gone, the streamers can still stream the game... and if they only get money by streaming a single game then it's their own fault when they lose that ability. You don't depend solely on one game to get you income. That is just idiotic.
  2. Oh my raptoring god, they're just SKINS. Get over it.
  3. Only if they did that after the game got out of early access, otherwise the games reputation and steam reviews would go to hell. There are already enough haters.
  4. Glad to get some info on the patch delay. Take your time.
  5. Looks awesome! But like others here have also said, I am worried about the fact that Wildcard suddenly releases a paid DLC even though the main game is not finished yet and the DLC might bring balance issues. But I guess, at least now it's clear why the update speed of the main game has been a little slow recently.
  6. I bet the tree building will be reeeaaally fun and easy to snap... ;D
  7. Probably Thylacoleo, because it will have the ability to climb trees.
  8. Oh snap, here it is folks. So hyped! EDIT: Looks like the bolas will make taming way easier, I dig it. Arthropluera looks cool, holy poop the sabertooth salmon is HUGE and lol that backflip though. The Lystrosaurus look so cute!
  9. First hehe EDIT: Nice digest, some really cool info again. Deep sea dungeons, breeding family trees, lists of tamed creatures for each tribe, tech tier stuff and so on Oh and the thing with getting buffs from artifacts would be awesome!
  10. The Megalania will be able to climb up walls and stuff. Check out the dossier.
  11. Would be a cool thing if meganeura felt attracted to these guys, flying aroud them and eating the animals they walk over.
  12. Take a look at this my friend: These are all the creatures which have been announced and also all creatures which are already in the game. As you can see, there is a ton planned already. They have been releasing these dossiers and adding creatures to the game since the beginnings of the game. PC folks already got two new creatures since the procoptodon and the next one has already been announced for us. To answer your question: The dung beetle and dimetrodon shoud be coming to xbox pretty soon, but it always takes some time for the new content to get to xbox.
  13. If this is hinting at bigger underwater caves with creatures inside then that is awesome news.
  14. Crazy cool! I really want one of those figures! And so excited for the christmas event!
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