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  1. As a person who studies (Not Professionally, yet) Marine Biology as a spare time. I would love there to be a Huge Water Dino Update. I can't stress this enough, the Waters of Ark are very Bleak, lifeless and depressing. I would love there to be more variety of Prehistoric Sharks, Whales, Cephalopod/Mollusca, Marine Reptiles and Other forms of Prehistoric Fish. Also update some of the existing Water Dinos of the Ark. The Ocean is one of the least captured parts in video games and it really saddens me. Even add just litle Ambient fish that you cant tame but you see swim in the ocean. It would just breathe new life into the game. Im pretty sure theres alot of people who agree to some degree with me.
  2. Im hoping for the TLC pass the Megalodon gets in cause it needs to be fixed. Another Creature id put in there is the Icthyosaurus or Dunkleosteus. Basically Water creatures need some fixing.
  3. Megalodon and Titanoboa needs some TLC... Idk about any mechanics but the Models are waaay weird... First off Titanoboa doesn't have Frills on the sides of its head and they need to be bigger... As for the Megalodon, it looks way derpy and needs to be bigger and longer. Maybe have a thrash mechanic or a Blood drive mechanic. But I love this TLC so far its amazing!!!
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