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  1. Also, your not stuck om a closed door, it can result in the same process but can not move away whatsoever as the door has your foot clipped.
  2. I own Ark on evwry platform... I own 7 Xbox and own at least 4 versions of Ark on my profiles for the Xbox alone. Yet, I worry, if this game stops being updated, servers go down, if not the Xbox network changes to a new platfiorm, then 4 to 7 copies are pointless. I have trulytried to support this game, even buying it for others and gifting DLC. But at thr end of the day, if there is not a LAn option added soon, I gather there is no poont doing it again on Ark 2, especially if it has LAN(Local, system link), as well, I really wanted this game to be a game I still pick up and play in 10 years... Well, I still have my 360's and p.c's. But without a way to play with my neighbours and mates when there is no internet or Xbox Live any more or Psplus... I really hope you add LAN play. Gg's.
  3. Happens also when returning from Genisis 2 wearing federation boots, well I suppose from anywhere wearimg federation boots.
  4. So heres a theory... It is happeneing every 15 minutes,(Is this during the transfer timers resetting from 15 minutes). Is your p.c profile an admin profile or limited as I have found a lot of past issues on the p.c were having two profiles and using the non admin one. In Nvidia settings it may be an idea to turn down the anti alaising or things that may put pressure, and I have also found that drivers past Nvidia 504.1 crash my versions of Ark on Windows but not Steam, although it has been a while on console for the ease currently fried my p.c. Being an official, ia it by chance Gen 2, as I have been testing boosting the servers of Gen1 and 2 for the last three months... And a new test today, resulted in me bossting drops and tame spawns while black boxed, and theb doing it on the other Xbox during the change over so both profiles boosted the server... Well, after that if both characters moved towards a drop even seperate drops would result in the server d dossing itself... Unless someone was, there was 20 to 30 on. Anyway so I stopped, but now even going to other servers is putting pressure as it may be tracking my characters lifespan. Finally, please try checking your ports as alternate ports on console have resultes in many crashes compared to the 3074 port. Ideas anyway, also updating drivers has always helped except for past 504.1, though my p.c should probably not have been able to go past drivers 397. Also how many were on the server, as it may be a confilct with a player nearby... Gg's, Ark is also on Windows store, and Epic games app. Krep in mind re setting up your p.c to not use the same email in admin as your limited profile if you that for safety.
  5. Hi there Juanito, have you tried doing a bug report via support? What app are you talking about, Ark? Is it on an official server? Firstly, go to your home screen and make sure the ads pop up to open your ports. If you have access to your modem, reset it. In Xbox settings, go to General, Sleep mode and startup, and chose "Full shutdown" If your server is Gen2 and boosted by more than one player(if your crashing and on official), go offline for 15 to 24 minutes for the server to refresh the drops. In settings, network, advanced settings, check if your port is 3074, if not you can pull the ports back by manually setting your ip adress and setting it back to auto(Take note of the ip adresses first to write them in), or choosing set alternate port and then going back and forward into advanced again and setting it to automatic. If you are still having issues, please let me know, you may need to manually assign the Xbox ports to your console via your modem settings. Also, check how much storage is on your Xbox and try to keep enough for all the dlc to be loaded twice. If you are not on your hone Xbox, you may need to redownload the dlc. Also in Xbox display settings try turni g off 4k and display 50hz. In Ark settings at the main menu only, is a checkbox for Hdr, untick it. Try vsync adaptive on and off. Also try no hud, and holding the map button in Ark and chosing toggle tame names. There is more, but that should fix it. Gg's.
  6. Well, someone gave us a gift... So responsibility... So what did I do on Ark... Didn't sleep. Yay.
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