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  1. StriderUk

    Host Renting Help...

    Premium ark mate, He is one of us, so its a ark fan hosting servers. I have directed anyone who wants to go down the non dedicated route to a hosted solution, who has asked me on my servers who would you use to host. (I dont use those guys as I have a dedicated solution of my own).
  2. StriderUk

    ARK: Server API V2.5

    I currently use a data center server I own which hosts the ark instances.
  3. StriderUk

    ARK: Aberration Expansion Pack Announced!

    Why have skins, when you can have glowsticks, acid warehouse party here we come!
  4. Nice mate, any chance of a fix for the ragnarok too ? Cheers Stryder
  5. Sorry helping you to help myself, receiving the following error - C:\ark-tools>ark-tools.exe wild C:\Ark\Servers\WarpSpeedIsland\ShooterGame\Saved \SavedArks\TheIsland.ark C:\ark-tools\Island\WildDinos\ java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: Found unknown Version 8 at qowyn.ark.ArkSavegame.readBinaryHeader(ArkSavegame.java:178) at qowyn.ark.ArkSavegame.readBinary(ArkSavegame.java:140) at qowyn.ark.ArkSavegame.<init>(ArkSavegame.java:90) at qowyn.ark.tools.CreatureListCommands.listImpl(CreatureListCommands.ja va:109) at qowyn.ark.tools.CreatureListCommands.wild(CreatureListCommands.java:6 7) at qowyn.ark.tools.App.main(App.java:117) Cheers Stryder
  6. Hi Qowyn, great tool btw, anyone noticed since around the release update, that their wild dinos are no longer being tracked when using the command ark-tools.exe wild ? Checking my json files, nothing is getting updated now ;( this is on the island and ragnarok servers.
  7. Hi I wondered is there any way of being able to integrate this into my server website? Currently use other rcon tools and it doesnt always bring up the player list due to this, Cheers
  8. StriderUk

    Newby looking for advice re dedicated server.

    post the specs mate, if your only planning on a few of you playing on it, it probably will suffice. if its running windows, would suggest getting this tool - http://arkservermanager.freeforums.net/ its a gui for running your own server. Once you have set up your firewalls and port redirection, very easy to manage your server.
  9. StriderUk

    Newby looking for advice re dedicated server.

    Morning mate, I host a couple of servers myself, it's fun but can be a lot of hard work . there are some pretty decent hosts out there but it can and will get costly the minute you get into clustering and hosting in general. I have a dedicated box, about 8ks worth of kit, with a fiber business line. to give you an idea, it costs me around £60 a month for the power and net for this. then for add ons such as battlemetrics another £7 a month. I have 6 admins to help look after the servers and get it as near to 24/7 support as we can. kit wise the server dl360 g8 is running x 2 , e52660 8 core xeons, 64 gb ram with 6 15k sas drives . i just run x2 servers with this in cluster. to get a decent community it's probably taken me well over 12 months, so in a nutshell perhaps find a good host with rates you want? There are plenty out there.
  10. StriderUk

    ARK: Server API V2.5

    I can also confirm running 2 very busy servers (over 150+ player per server a day), no issues whatsoever, its as stable as the servers are normally.
  11. StriderUk

    SurvivalBot V0.85 ALPHA

    i have two 40+ populated servers and would be interested in testing your software - https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/1170103 https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/851658 PM if you need some decent stress testing.
  12. Hows the update coming along for trading or is it off the cards for now? Vaguely remembering you mentioning you were trying to implement it.
  13. On the points side, maybe timed events, where with a command, you can double what ever rates you have set. Then typing the command in again sets them at their usual rate. Perhaps even points for taking out particular targets, like the bosses, killing a boss gives you say 5k points or again whatever you set. I'll get some of our admins posting on here, they have some cracking ideas.
  14. Excellant mate good work as always, ideas wise some like a demo gun, as seen in s+ whereby players could demo their own structures by looking and them and firing. Also some of the other tools like the ammo replenish gun, again a point and fire. Not sure how easy this would be adding an item that is controlled server side, but a couple of ideas. the thing I love about the plug in aspect is the zero pre-requisites required by the players to join the server, so as much as I can load server side the better imo. thanks as always for looking Stryder
  15. Hi yargo, take the contents of your config file and paste them into a online jsonvalidater like jsonlint. That will tell you whether your json code is valid.