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  1. I agree. Is there a link you can provide? It is also sad that I have to rent a server to get my poop back.
  2. When will console users get the save data from our recycled servers? Can you please make the WildCard beach loading screen on start up skippable? Can you make my survivor stop looking at his hand every time I spawn?
  3. Weird color patterns you see as an issue, but not mutation count going up? Also, mutations going into speed is realistic, not wasted. When are Console users getting our save files from the killed servers? Been asking for months now.
  4. The leaked date is the 31st. Pretty sad they narrow it down to a month and we have to rely on leaks for any of our info.
  5. Hey, will we get to access recycled servers for Xbox? I am under the impression that anyone will be able to download any server(s) they want and use them as private or hosted servers, but I can't find anything about it. Really want closure on my animals, thanks. PS, can we have a feature for personal servers (especially recycled ones) where we can upload a sino from one private server, and then download it onto another, all on one Xbox? For example I download recycled servers 1 and 2, and I acquire some eggs on 1, but want to move them to 2 for personal breeding experience.
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