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  1. Poxy game, server Gen 2 1646 crashing every 20minutes filled with lags in between. Already lost two tames...vanished into thin air when I finally logged back in. Lost a poop tonne of materials. This game isn't fun to play anymore. We get enough stress in daily life. This is my escape. Will not be playing this game anymore. Disgruntled and fed up customer.
  2. Seriously fix Server GenTwo1646. It's horrible. I can't do anything. Keep getting kicked off every so often. Lags are atrocious. It's just not enjoyable to play the game at the moment. Very frustrating.
  3. Is it just me or is anyone else having issues with Maewings. 1) Sometimes I'll be gliding and the game crashes and goes to console screen. 2) Also when I log in, if I'm breeding say 4 babies on a Maewing. The back two are invisible and I have to log out and log back in. 3) Server 1646 Gen 2 is nearly 200 days behind most servers. Is this server just broken. So many lags. Booted out of the server 8 times in the space on 2/3 hours. 4) FED UP.
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