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  1. Ooh. Grappling onto other flyers mid flight sounds so dope. With the core concept of this bat there are so many cool directions it can go. And I like most of the ideas I see. I love the idea of a screech that suppresses dino abilities and maybe dosorients players. The day / night buff just makes sense. Definitely has the capillary of being a unique flyer!
  2. Hey we've maintained 6th place. Last time there was a remote for the top 10! Fingers crossed.
  3. Also this is not intended to be "real life" size. The majority of arks creature are not to scale by any stretch of the imagination and the half of them are fantasy creatures. Wildcard takes creative liberties with animals usually for the better. In this case I want to fly a sick bat into battle. So if u feel the way I do vote!
  4. Hello all. Thank you for voting / supporting and adding ideas. I did not make this dossier nor the original. A friend of mine had throw this together, and I was unaware it was directed from a previous fan dossier. So shout out to the creator. I hope they see this and add to it! Let's try and add a unique new flyer to the game!
  5. The onyc in ark is cool and all... but I've always wanted to fly a giant bat. So here's my take! The idea was to try to add a flyer with good pvp and utility abilities. I hope you like! (This is not my art work. Fan made dossier. All credit to original artist.)
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