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    ARK Boss Arena Concept

    Welcome, to the Spiders Den. You are in the Queen's throne room. She knows what you did. She knows how you slaughtered her children simply to get a audience with her. And now she hates you. But soon, you will be yet another lifeless husk, dangling by a thread.
  2. I think Ark needs more amphibians. And what better Amphibian, then Koolasuchus Hyperboreus? It's a large amphibian who's name translates as "Kool's Crocodile from the Artic". Also, I want to give a big shout out to DjayMasi and BangBooDoragon for helping design this amazing creature! While this is a late entry, I think it is better late, than never. Behavior: The Koolasuchus will normally patrol the cold rivers and lakes of the arks. when it spots potential prey, it will blast them with a freezing brine and then will come ashore to scoop them up with it's jaws and then it will drag t
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