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  1. Still an issue and absolutely no dev response other than ced saying crashing is usually a priority. Please for the love of all things good notice the thread.
  2. Can we please get a fix for Xbox Series X Singleplayer Splitscreen crashing on Gen pt 2 everytime one player enters the tunnels to go thru space biome? Instant black screen everytime no workaround. Been like this since launch of Gen pt 2. Just want to be able to play with family in Splitscreen. No other map does it and does it ob both mine and my father's xbox series x so not just me. Even started a bug report there are others and not a single dev response other than ced saying crashes are important and prioritized but this has been on going for almost a month. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!
  3. Still an issue. Please notice or at least acknowledge this issue Devs.
  4. Just trying to get this noticed. If I keep commenting it stays at top for a bit so maybe the devs will notice
  5. I know this is pc forum but thought it was worth mentioning. Xbox Series X is crashing in the exact same location. Only happens with splitscreen but still happens. So this is affecting multiple platforms. Really wish they'd fix it for all of us.
  6. If Devs are paying any attention at all to this thread. It is still an issue after Summerbash update. FIXED MULTIPLE CRASHES. Every update but this is still happening please fix this. I'd post video but site says a 4 sec video is too long. If you want to see video go to Ced and Dollie twitter I've posted it there several times. Please fix XBOX SERIES X SINGLEPLAYER SPLITSCREEN. WE'RE FANS TOO.
  7. Singleplayer is broken on console as well cant go thru the tunnel into space without crashing with second player in game. And random black screening and losing all progress.
  8. Enable cheats and type in admincheat r.shadowquality 0. That disables all shadows which makes it playable again. I know it's not ideal but trust me it's a lifesaver til they fix it for you.
  9. Ya experience all of those as well. The shadow glitch bug was fixed for us at some point but there is a cheat you can put in that solves the shadow thing. The rest would be nice but doubt they'll ever bother. Really just want gen pt 2 map to be playable to both of us. The others just annoying but learn from the past and avoid being on tames or with tames when one of you goes to place where other one will poof. Sad that we have to do that but until they do something about it it's just that way it is.
  10. Still an issue after latest patch. On both mine and my dad's Xbox Series X Singleplayer Splitscreen. Hopefully they will start to notice this bug as more people add to the post. Beginning to lose hope it'll ever be fixed at this point just want to play with my family.
  11. Also the crashes seem to be getting worse. Now we'll be playing on left side of map minding our own business and black screen to main menu for no reason and lose the last hour of progress. At this point there is no reason to play. Cause we lost our entire base that we built and some of our tames due to this. Hope they get this sorted soon.
  12. Don't know if you will but in Singleplayer splitscreen xbox series x if you try to walk thru tunnel to get to other side of map with second player logged in crashes to main menu everytime no workaround. Only to play singleplayer and that's not what we want to do.
  13. So glad someone else saw my post. Even with last patch just a few minutes ago still has not resolved. Very disheartening. Hope they fix it soon
  14. Still an issue after recent xbox patch. Just for clarification. Please tell me someone else out there has the same problem and that wild card is at least aware of this issue. In Singleplayer splitscreen
  15. Same here Xbox Series X. Checked the box no level ups available for flyers
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