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  1. GenTwo962 has been crashing for 7 days now it crashes every 20 minutes and now I can't get my main character back on the server. It is basically unplayable in it's current state. I really don't want to lose all my progress to decay, The server is either being ddos or has some really back hardware issues going on. Can you please help resolve this issue. I have reached out for 7 days now until via server outage reports with no responses or fixes.
  2. Kind of dumb another pack creature that is gonna be weak and useless like the dire wolf and raptor. Great job community for picking one of the most useless creatures.
  3. Event Conclusion GenTwo Official Server, 500 cloners crashing the server every 3 hours, server capped everyday upon log in. Nice dino oh server capped dang guess I can't experience this public event. I think I will try building a platform on my newly tamed Quetzal oh my platform cap as well. This has been a horrible Summer Bash experience, I would not recommend this game to anyone! I have an idea Wild Card instead of working on Ark 2 fix some things with ark!
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