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  1. Thanks...as long as I don’t put points in above the 450...the dino should be fine right? I just looked and you were right....oxygen is very low.....food is the only thing that can come down.
  2. So I was gifted a level 439 dino.....if I put the 45 points in, it would be over 450....and it would despawn (on official). Is there a way to breed a dino and utilize the points for even higher stats, but when all the points are applied ...it is below 450? How do I breed with this? Do I simply breed this or clone it and have those points wasted? Or is there a way to keep the same stats and lower the overall level? thanks....I’m confused.
  3. I go cruising looking for colors this evening and I notice some areas are no longer accessible by raft.....no driving up the shore in the withering swamps, because it looks like the terrain under the water has been raised up....now there is only a narrow channel a raft can go through on the island withering swamps...would they make a change like this for any logical reason? Thanks.
  4. Hi....what is the imprint timer normally, for that tame (you didn’t mention what it is)? Could it be a baby from before the event....I have noticed any eggs or gestation started before the event has a different timer...could that be it? Of course....it is wildcard, who knows...
  5. My lost tropo (after my internet went down) finally despawned after looking for days....
  6. The game is certainly easier than when it first came out, especially if you were here during beta and on a primitive server. Too bad they got rid of the primitive severs for those that wished to stay in caveman mode. I won’t fault others for being disappointed.....
  7. New Genesis 2 DLC...NO thanks! The engrams look cool....but as a player who stayed on primitive legacy official until they cancelled them.....this game is less a dinosaur survival and some space game....just not for me. I am surprised any legacy servers still exist....I finally moved to new official when my legacy server was migrated .....again....lol.
  8. thanks again, this is an interesting thread....like someone’s diary.
  9. Today...breeding basilos Any opinions.... I have no idea if babies are attacked by a piranha...do they just sit there until either one is killed? Do I keep a bary on aggressive in the pen? 1) Deep sea enclosed pen/box for breeding basilos.... Pros: nothing will spawn inside, I read that if whales are too shallow they will eat much more? Cons: need to swim down and use scuba or chowder to feed until juvenile Much more materials to build (all six sides including floor and ceiling. 2) Surface pen on the beach.... Pros: near the surface for air and hand feeding, just use Dino gates off the beach Cons: seagulls, gators, piranha, etc....will seagulls attack the basilos? Any hints please....never raised sea dinos (mammals) before... Thx
  10. I’ve never bred water dinos....thinking about basils(whales). What happens if a jellyfish spawns in the waterpen? How,do people protect against this? Also, what if a Meg senses babies through the pen walls, aggros on pen....how to prevent this? Thx
  11. Ok...thanks.....hey on breeding, I tried to make a ocean platform for sharks...but I went exploring, came back and the sharks were out of the pen nearby...but glitched out, can that happen? It was two deep with ceilings in the center of the platform.
  12. All this talk of meat runs and feeding Dino’s....why don’t more people use cryopods? Just curious....came from Primitive legacy....
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