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  1. SP The Island OH MY GOSH. 150 rex spawned in a flat area with not much dangerous around. Next time I play I am taming it up. Since I can not get gen 2 I spawned a Maewing in and its adorable. Since I spawned it I will only use it for emotional support. My baryonyx almost died after an incident in the lava cave and my glowtail died. I tamed a Basilo and had a run in with an alpha tueso and I swiftly swam to the surface. The alpha tueso is near crags island and I ran into it when going to a recourse cave for explorer notes. Logged off
  2. Yah. I don't have extraordinary kibble yet, and the Rex is NOT in a good area. Its on the redwoods mountain. I will try to scout out an area for a trap spot but it will be hard. Thanks anyway!
  3. (SP the island) Went out looking for theris and megatherium to tame. Found an OK theri but dropped him and lost him. I dropped him cause I was used to playing Minecraft so I pressed triangle to enter my inventory instead of circle. Tamed a female bronto to start a exceptional kibble farm. I tried making focal chilli but it made brown dye for some reason. Found a male sheep to pair with my female and bred them. I got twins but forgot about them and they starved. Bred another and got one. finally made a cryofridge to free up some space in the base and reduce lag. I will soon tame the 150 rex I found but I need a flaw proof plan. Logged off
  4. (SP The Island) Haven't played for awhile cause other games but I have been planning what I am gonna do. My plan is to go find a 110 Theri I had found when earlier and another high level to breed. Knowing my attention span I am gonna find a cool coloured lystro and tame it. I also need to go drop hunting because I have NO good blueprints. I the only not primitive items I have are my armour (Raptorclause ascendant) My hatchet (Mastercraft) and my pick (Journyman). No saddles either. I also need to build a breeding area, thats gonna be hard cause I play on ps4 and its already laggy enough. I want to go to Aberration but last time I transferred my character was deleted.
  5. With my Quetz I started looking for some spider slayin' megatherium (finally). I decided that I want to move onto other maps after the island is complete so decided to actually do something in this game. I went to the snow and found nothing. not going to the redwoods because angry thylas in the trees. witnessed a yuty and its gang of carnos mug a mammoth. Killed the yuty with my fab standing on my quetz and stole his lungs. Found no high level megatherium (highest was lvl 60) put an end to a purlova cause obvious reasons. farmed the cave with the hunter artifact for chiten. logged off.
  6. I have had this problem too. I fixed it by changing the server stats in the menu before you enter the game. It is in the advanced options section and called Resource respawn period or something. I also changed the distance resources can respawn from a foundation. This immediately fixed it. I hope this helps.
  7. I did! I was in my base, and when I logged on it was gone! It was not floating, it was not on the ground, it was gone! I checked everywhere I had logged off in the week. Thanks anyway.
  8. Logged on my single player and my otter was gone. No death in tribe log, just gone. spent an hour looking for it. No luck. We had matching rex helmets too. After I got that behind me I tamed a procoptodon, a quetz and a bronto. Then logged off.
  9. I grinded out for a grinder. Took me awhile to figure out how I would fit all the resources in the fabricator until I found out organic polymer(what I was using) was in smaller stacks than regular polymer. I went to the mountain FARTHEST from me for crystal for some reason. Finally found out how electricity works to power my chem bench. Also found out when you put organic polymer in a preserving bin it doesn't change the timer. Tamed a daeodon and a BEAUTIFUL tek parasaur.
  10. I FINALLY TAMED A TAPEJARA!!! I was out leveling my frog and found a lvl 50 Tapejara stuck in a wall. The frog had bad weight so I wasn't carrying my tranqs so I started knocking it with my frog. It got unstuck so I ran home (I wasn't very far) and got my tranqs. I ran on my horse to were it flew and saw it. I shot it once and it flew away but then fell. Thought it was gonna fall in the swamp but it fell right on the edge. I then ran home and got my kibble. The End.
  11. Single player on the island. Tried taming some Moschops for a polymer farm. I found one high level that only asked for stuff I had like berries and prime. I levelled the Moschops (Now named Mutton chops) On some Paras and Iguanadon to level polymer farming. I put Mutton chops in my poly farm and and set my penguins on mating with a torch full of wood. After that I went out with my Argent and my Doedic to get some stone. I then logged of.
  12. OH MY GOSH... I tried taming a Tapejara on single player again... It was right next to my base and was a lvl 130. I ran home to get my bolas and ran back to it. I see it on the ground and it starts to fly. I go to the top of the hill it was flying up and I lose sight of it... AND IT FREAKING DISAPPEARS!!! I LOOKED FOR IT FOR 30 MINUTES!!! IT WAS GONE!!! It must have despawned or something! I hate wild Tapejaras... that day I also built a polymer farm and FINALLY got an industrial forge. I also tamed a manta.
  13. On single player I lost my character during a transfer. I had to use the cheat "forcejointribe" to get my stuff back. I was a new survivor so I was level one, so I collected a bunch of explorer notes. I also went drop hunting for a better longneck. I then started making preparations to tame a shark and a yuty, making traps and tranqs. I went to the volcano after to restock on crystal and then I logged of at a relatively safe spot.
  14. I know how you feel... The first Tapejara I found was a lvl 50, I did not care for the level because I was going to use it to help build my redwoods base. Then I landed my argent to close to it, and it was never seen again...
  15. These are great! I wish I could draw that good...
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