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  1. finished building our second base on a different island. lots of chopping wood and collecting fiber. when i log back in later, i'm going to scope out the area, i think.
  2. ay, i'm hana. 24 y.o, still a rather new player. i have a little group i play with (my boyfriend and a friend) but i'm interested in joining a small-ish tribe with good vibes. more interested in pve, building, taming, chilling and enjoying the game! i have a mic, i play on ps4. shoot me a message? thanks
  3. wormyy

    new oii

    hey! i'm Hana! been grinding on Ark for a little bit, still relatively new to the game but really enjoying it so far! i primarily play with my boyfriend and a friend, but i'm always down to play with other people! also! if you have any tips for a new solo player, i'm all ears! hope ya'll are enjoying your tuesdays
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