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  1. Havent been on Ark much recently. Between work, life and a holiday I havent had much time for gaming, and what little time I had I have spent playing other games. Also it hasnt felt right without d1nk. I have spent what little of my time on Ark consolidating all of the tribes assets onto the Island base, I cant keep up with the upkeep on multiple servers by myslef. Turns out this was also a good move as the Aberration and Scorched servers on the cluster are being decommissioned. As we didnt have any setup on Scorched this wasnt an issue but on Aberration it was a bit more problematic but i had been moving assets off the server and decommissioning the base anway. I think I have gotten everything of use off the server but am still attempting to hunt a few things including our rock drake saddle bp. Also, annoyingly one or two of the tek teleporters are being problematic and refusing to be picked up. Its the same story on the Ragnarok (which is also being wiped at somepoint anway), Extinction and the Center servers. I moved all the breeders and blueprints off the Center and into the Island base, my word I need a cull of the blueprint collection. Still looking around for a few things but it looks like I have done most of the hard work. On the Island the refurbished central base is now up and running. I am in the process in sorting out the boss theri line trying to sort out some solid breeders but its slow work. Am also sorting out some giga eggs to raise up some more gigas just incase for any future endeavours.
  2. I would love to see the island pre redwood, swamps and snow biome again. Lol the memories, when they introduced the redwoods I couldnt even look at them without dashboarding ?
  3. My man, its been an honour and a privilege playing with you. Its not going to be the same with out you and you will be missed. This game has helped me through various low points in my life since I started playing early EA and playing with you this past year has helped me no end ( aswell as making the game that extra bit special), especially with the low points in particular last year and the beginning of this year. Anyway good luck with the future, I hope its along and happy one with lots of adventures and happiness. Your friend the otherside of the Atlantic.
  4. Still pottering around the Island base snd setting it up. With the Rag server on its last legs and the Valguero server looking a bit dodgey atm I am tempted to make it my main base of operation for the time being. Maybe work on some boss teams of various makes ups, maybe even think about solo dragon fighting. Overall I am pleased with how the Main Island base overhaul has come along.
  5. Thanks I am rather proud of it ? Its so satisfying just teleporting queen up from the red zone.
  6. @Aushegun @d1nk So you have the Reaper holding pen in the Fertile zone with the teleporter underneath the ceilings. Then you have the teleporter pitfall trap in desired location (for us its on the purple/red boundary).i have part of the teleporter sticking out the back of the trap so you dont have to get in with the reaper to teleport. Kite desired reaper into trap, (I cryo drake at this point). Jump on teleporter pad and teleport to holding pen. MAKE SURE TO HIT RIGHT TELEPORTER. You dont want to send the reaper where its not contained i.e. in the middle of your own bas lol. The reaper pops up above the ceilings into the trap as its to big to fit underneath. You will get wedged between the teleporter and ceilings but you should slide out of the trap. You are now free to bring down the reapers health at will, we use megalosaurus for this. Impregnated, pop, rinse and repeat, all in the safety of your own base for as long as you want as long as you keep it in render. I would say, the bigger the holding pen the better, if she grabs you, the walls do get in the way and will interupt the impregnation.
  7. I continued with the Island base update. With the main base finished, I tore down the owl tower and old breeding barn. I layed down the ground work for the new breeding barn. Took a bit of fiddling but I got the cliff platforms down. The rest went up pretty quickly. Mostly happy with the build but am a bit unsure about the bare ground in the middle of the barn for maturing dinos. Its a bit of a mess with the cliff platforms and rocks, but shall see how it goes.
  8. Finally lol. After a few nights worth of work I have finished the base conversion on the Island. Took longer than I thought it would, and a few changes in plans. I scaled back the amount of glass peices, I could easily have made the entire roof glass lol. Tried to keep the original character of the build while expanding to it, well at least keep one or two key features. Definitely feels more like a new build though. Got the usual crafting areas, storage areas aswell as the the now compulsory bp library that every base must have. Am really happy with it although I am still not happy with the stairs, need to work out a better way of accessing the first floor. Theres alot of room left to add things, so maybe I can add a small indoor green house in the corner or even just more storage. I think next up is demolishing the snow owl pellet tower and the old breeding barn and creating a new breeding barn. Shall have to sleep on that idea.
  9. Started the Island base upgrade. Think I have the main plan down, just need to complete the main structure, then work on the main interior and then the extras to make it not look like a square box lol. Not much to say other than that and the fact the base is in a bit of a mess at the moment. Temporary thatch roof and everything. God I hope d1nk doesnt log on lol.
  10. Bit of a change of pace and scenery this evening. I am a bit worried about the longevity of our Valguero server so I thought I would do a bit of contingency planning just in case the server nukes itself or something. Got a selection of deino eggs and any stock breeders I had over there as well as some select bps and moved them all to our central base on the Center. Am probably jumping the gun by a long shot, but best to be safe. I had also been thinking of firing up our Island base again for a while now so now seems like a good time to do that. Hoped across to check what creatures we have across there, thankfully all the essentials so no transfers needed atm. I definitely think the place could do with a spruce up do I started mass crafting stone structures and greenhouse peices. Am thinking of redesigning the main hub including making it more open. I am a sucker for using alot of greenhouse peices in builds at the moment, it really opens the builds right up and allows for viewing of the map in general. Enclosed stone builds just get claustrophobic after a while. Definitely going to redesign or even move the breeding barn, again open it up a bit, its kinda stuck in the corner in the dark.
  11. Another evening of hunting beacons for a Deinonychus saddle blue print. Struck gold out of a yellow drop, a mastercraft saddle with 62 armour, was one of the first I looked in tonight. Personally I was hoping for more, a ascendant with ~100 armour would be nice but it still beats our apprentice with 40 armour. Might keep looking but this will keep me happy for just now. Went back to base with the prize. Also found yet another premade ascendant chainsaw with our best dura yet, this map loves dropping chainsaw bps and premades. Now that I had a half decent saddle I decided to make a start on raising a squad up, threw down a clutch of 7 eggs and got 7, no twins or triplets. Imprinted all of them with plent of time to spare and have now left them to level up in cryopods. Got a feeling they will need as many levels as possible and all the levels will probably go into health. This whole deino boss squad is probably going to be a disaster but it'll be a good laugh nonetheless.
  12. Got on for a little bit tonight, having an early night tonight as I have to get up at stupid O'clock tomorrow morning for work. Finally bit the bullet and added my main character to the Valguero tribe, I've been wanting to do some breeding for Valguero as well as a few other things for the other maps and I didnt want to have to deal with split imprints. Also cheakily transfered the imprints across to my main character. The Valguero character is now currently on (probably a permanent) holiday, stranded naked goodness knows where on Scorched Earth, poor guy. Basically just tidied up the base and cryoed up all the breeders we had lying around, the mess was killing me especially the doeds lol. Stock pilled even more deino and stego eggs. Hopefully I can raise a few boss teams up at somepoint. Had a quick dash around the map hunting for the mythical deino saddle bp but no luck yet, did score a really nice premade ascendant chainsaw, pity it wasnt a bp but never mind.
  13. Another fun day on Valguero. Spent most of the day breeding, been a while since I have done alot of breeding. Todays project was to breed up some Deinonychus and Stegos, the deinos to have some fun in various boss fights on the Island and maybe even in the Valguero arena, and the stegos in preparations for taking on Rockwell. I did have a quick scout about for Aberrant Stegos on Val and Ab but in the end I couldnt be bothered with that and ended up using the standard stegos we had on the Center. Grabbed the stegos I could find and took them to Val to work on combining them, ended up with 3 females and a male with all the stats. Worked on combing the deinos at the same time, got all the stats into 3 females and 2 males, I decided to have two males so we could have a selection of colours. Spent the rest of the day hunting for a Deinonychus saddle bp, we have two apprentice bps but I was hoping for better. Hunted far and wide for all purple drops and above, but no luck at all. Had a few close calls with a few drops, including when I hoped of my drake to get a red drop and was instantly stunned by a purlovia, nearly had a heart attack.
  14. A productful day on Ark. Started off pottering around base before hoping across to Extinction to hit up a few Element Veins for dust to transfer across to Valguero to craft up element, wanted to craft up a Tek Replicator. After a brief panic search for my prized gigas (turns out they were on Ragnarok) I grabed a cryoed giga and went out in search for an vein on my managarmr. I ended up taking on two 10k element veins, an absolute breeze on my giga. It was just a bit of a drag, each wave took forever. The corrupted creatures had a habit of getting lost. But I completed them both and got the element. A quick conversion of the element into dust at the city terminals before transferring most of the dust to Valguero. Returned to Valguero and grabed a basilo and went hunting for black pearls in the deep under water cave. Success, came out with more than enough. Gathered all the resources for a replicator into a ravager, just in time for a beacon to come down near by our base. Got to the beacon and crafted up the replicator. Went back to base and installed the replicator. We have now official hit Tek Tier., I cant wait to start crafting up tek gennys and teleporters.
  15. Recovered from last nights antic. Crafted up a new set of equipment and bred up a new otter, Buizel II. Hatched up some more high level Deinonychus in an attempt to find higher stats, the 150 egg hatched up with our new higest hp stat. Need to work that into our current bloodline. Did a bit of exploring and some more hunting for stone bps, I think I have the main bps now. Finished up the night in a bit of a pickle. Off exploring the white cliffs for some more deino eggs with my thyla, I ended up becoming trapped in the big fortress creavas with the lake in the middle. The walls were at an incline and the tunnel exit was to small for thylas. I had send out an SOS and get an alliance member to give me a lift out with a wyvern. How embarrassing lol.
  16. Spent most of my time recently slowly progressing on Valguero, adding bits and bobs to our base. Also expanded our metal farming out a little bit, I think it might double up as our water tame base as the cave seems to have access into the deep water trench. Got some basilos in cryo ready for when we decide to do some diving. I raised up a few velonosaurs, mainly for base defense just in case we have a rock golem make it inside our base, I really doubt the guard allos could cope with that. I also ran about for a bit killong small and medium carnivores, with our new server settings they are now dropping stone blue prints and I want a couple of full sets. Think I got most of the good peices apart from the ceiling, cant wait to set up a vault or two with the blue prints in them to mass craft stone structures. Also funny experience and not sure if its a Valguero thing or just a mucked up server setting. I yet again spotted another group of Deinonychus fall out of the sky at 50 50, I spotted this a few nights ago and though it could have been a one off, but nope those deinos keep on falling out the sky lol Also been slowly thinking about the artifacts. Got the three scorched artifacts at the moment; the destroyer, gatekeeper and the crag. I remebered that apparently the drake trench is only spawning ice wyverns at the moment, so I decided to take advantage of that and grab myself an easy Skylord. So I grabed my rock drake and otter and went to the drake trench. Made it past the ice wyverns (I mean with cloaking its easy) and inside the trench but disaster struck in the main chamber. After stoping for stamina I attempted to jump from a perch to a main wall but of course with the drakes being a drake, it instead tripped over the rock and we ended up in the lava. RIP me and my Otter Buizel. Havent had a death message yet for the drake, not sure what position its in but I am not in a position to be attempting a rescue mission, so RIP Salamence too, thankfully I had a spare drake in cryo. Took the disaster as a cue and called it a night.
  17. Started off by hoping quickly on to the Center to grab some rock drake eggs and transfered them across to our Valguero base. Got a few eggs down on the incubator and hatched them up, including one of my 175 specials which hatched the usual drake that I would expect for those eggs. While they raised up, I finished touching up the breeding barn and added the final touches. Once the drakes had finished maturing, I took a drake for a spin round the map. While a thylacoleo is great for ground travel, a drake is so much better, for the first time I got to experience the map fully in all its glory. I hadnt quite appreciated how expansive the map was. Next I went for a few trips down into the Aberration zone. The first trip down was to gather up a few red gems from roll rats to craft up a gas collector, need gas balls for a hazard suit. Made the trip back to the surface crafted up the gas collector and returned to the Aberration zone and installed the collector. A few more trips collecting blue gems and gas balls, and I had enough to craft up a few sets of hazard suits. I finished up by doing a little more bases building before logging off.
  18. Logged on for what must have been the first time all week. With building our own industrial forge we had hit one of our self imposed milestones and so now I can raise myself a rock drake. First port of call however was to upgrade our hatchery, the current one certainly doesnt have enough ac units to incubate a drake egg. Started of in the metal cave farming metal and crystal. I then took the anglerfish out for a swim round the central lake to harvest up silica pearls for electronics. I then started upgrading the barn, it was just going to a small extension, but it turned into a small redesign. I pushed out the outerwall and went wild again with glass greenhouse ceilings and walls yet again. Hooked up the new incubator and called it a night. Raising a rock drake will have to wait.
  19. Made it on to Valguero for a bit tonight for a couple of hours. Just long enough to build our new bp library. Thankfully there was alot of prebuilt structures ready to go. Built it ontop of our crafting area. I do love these little PvE decorative builds, adds so much more character to a build. Installed the book cases and added some decorative peices such as chairs, tables and taxidermy bases. Did a quick metal run on the roo before logging off. I definitely need to do a crystal run and start building a green house, maybe thatll be the next build.
  20. Spent a bit of time on Valguero the last couple of days. Raised up myself a couple of procoptodons for use as weight roos. Took one out for a spin to do a small metal run. Went across to our old base where there is some metal nodes and harvestsd them up. I moved towards one of lakes to look for more nodes and lept into it for fun. Instantly regretted it as I spotted the baryoynx that I landed next to, I didnt know they spawned there. It instantly dismounted me. I managed to get myself and the roo back to shore inbetween stuns before it killed me. Respawned, grabbed an allo and rushed to save the roo. Made it back in time and saved it and got the metal back to base. Started my contribution to the base expansion. We have the basics, but I started work on the stables. I went with my standard barn design but I made an adjustment and made the barn taller than normal to allow larger dinos into it. I had hoped to start work on our blueprint library but I ran out of time tonight.
  21. Could always send us over here some of those wolves. Deer population over here could do with a good cull.
  22. Had fun last night on Aberration, we were supposed to do Rockwell but it was postponed. Instead me d1nk and friend went on the hunt for a high level queen in the red zone. We trialled out using tek turrets to target queens below a certain level to help us force a high level spawn, and it worked a treat. We spent a few hours continually kiting queens to the turrret tower and murdering them using our drakes and the turrets. My excitement was when I disconneted next to the turret tower and logged back into dying to radiation, apparently a queen broke my tek helmet in the time it took me log back in. Thankfully d1nks quick thinking saved my skin and he equipped me with a fresh hazard suit. We settled on a 130 queen (the rng was not being kind to us), and kited that one back to the teleporter trap and teleported it back to our reaper holding pen at our breeding base. I hung about long enough to grab myself two kings and cryoed up the juvys to raise another night. We had a bit of a scare when the server crashed and rolled back 5 minutes so we kinda thought the queen would despawn. Thankfully it just seem to glitch below the trap, but I hear that d1nk managed to lure it back out of the ground and into the trap again when I had logged off.
  23. Nice to get back on and chill on Valguero after a long week at work. Decided thatbI was feeling left out with everyone on the server getting Deinonychus so I preped up a horse and went out to the white cliffs for a nosey. Had a few close scares, especially raptors which seem to have mastered the art of dismounting instantly. After a few attempts I got my self 1 level 60 and 2 level 20 eggs, pretty useless but alright for a first try. Decided to hatch the eggs anyway to see what popped out. Nothing spectacular obviously but maybe I can breed the lowely 20 female with d1nks 135 male. When I went out hunting for meat for the Deinonychus, I spotted a male 135 allo not far from our base, it must have wandered across from the white cliffs, so I preped up the narco arrows and crossbows, and got d1nks stone taming raft into position. The allo was distracted by trikes and turtles so I started to pelt it with arrows. At which point the allos female companion which I had missed sneaked up behind me. I tried my best to outrun it to lure it into the taming raft but apparantly 150% movement speed isnt enough to out run the allo. So I respawned, got my gear back and then successfully trapped the level 95 allo in the trap. Downed it and moved it off shore so it was safe to tame up, and fed it some mutton left over in our preserving bins. Restocked on narcotics, repaired the crossbow and moved my wooden taming raft into position. Successfully trapped the 135 on the first go, and rushed to down it before it destroyed anything, didnt want to rebuild that raft. Tamed it up with any problems. Now just need to start breeding those two together and we have ourselves good tames that can defend themselves. D1nk just needs to make the saddles and I am not high enough for that yet.
  24. Did I not say ?Thought I might have mentioned it at least once or twice. ?
  25. I have no idea what that means Funnily enough I havent done the Kanto Legendary Trio. Done the Johto legendary beasts as well as a few others inspirations.
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